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Founded with the goal of reinventing the way you fly private, and built on a passion for aviation drawn from decades of expertise, the business launched a revolutionary Jet Club Membership program that delivers the safest, most consistent, and highest-quality aviation solutions, plus an unparalleled suite of lifestyle benefits and world-class experiences.

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Our Journey to Excellence

Since 2015, flyExclusive has led the private aviation industry by offering Members and guests excellence in every part of their journey. Founded with the goal of reinventing the way you fly private, and built on a passion for aviation drawn from decades of expertise, the business launched a revolutionary Jet Club Membership program that delivers the safest, most consistent, and highest-quality aviation solutions, plus an unparalleled suite of lifestyle benefits and world-class experiences. Alongside the trek to greatness, flyExclusive became one of the top Part 135 operators in the U.S. with the highest possible safety ratings in private aviation and retained a reputation for innovation.

Take Off


Jim Segrave has poured his own passion for flying into a proven record of business success. Beginning in 1994, Segrave founded Segrave Aviation, flying charter jets, running airport-based filling stations for planes and offering maintenance services. Enjoying the ability to do what he loved day in and day out led Segrave Aviation to larger opportunities within the industry. In 2010, Segrave sold the aviation business to Delta AirElite, Delta Air Line's charter arm, and served as President of Delta Private Jets until 2012, when he decided it was time for a new adventure.

Three years later, the small town of Kinston, North Carolina was greeted with what would quickly become one of the largest operators of Cessna aircraft in the world. With six original employees and four aircraft, Jim Segrave planted roots in the North Carolina Global Transpark, and began to soar towards excellence with the establishment of flyExclusive. The business quickly received the Air Carrier Certificate from the US Department of Transportation Federal Aviation Administration in April of 2015 and ended the year with 53 employees.

Flying Through History

Approaching Pinnacle


With the immense amount of growth over the last five years, flyExclusive has no intentions of slowing down. In the first quarter of 2020, flyExclusive extended global charter reach with the acquisition of Sky Night, LLC. This overtaking allowed international capabilities to expand with welcoming the first Gulfstream GIVSP heavy jet to the fleet. In a result of the expansion, flyExclusive International was introduced to the public, extending travel opportunities to Europe, Asia, and beyond. With news of exciting nationwide travel, flyExclusive also announced the launch of Jet Club in the first quarter of 2020.

“For years, we have been disrupting the private charter industry with a singular private charter experience,” said Jim Segrave, founder of flyExclusive parent company LGM Enterprises. “Now, as we recognize the need to get America flying again and understand passengers’ priorities to limit exposure to themselves and their families to COVID-19, we are offering our unparalleled service at rates that best other charter programs by as much as 40 percent.” With Jet Club, fixed hourly rates, and guaranteed availability to the flyExclusive fleet, travelers who were interested in traveling safely and securely, Jet Club offered more control, certainty, and consistency in a time where it was needed most.

Amidst a nationwide pandemic and global travel ban, flyExclusive continued to persist throughout the hardships. The second half of the year brought continual advancement, as flyExclusive was ranked as the 5th largest private jet operator in the world after adding 12 new Cessna Citation & Gulfstream aircraft resulting in a fleet of 59 state-of-the-art jets. Ending 2020 with over 30,000 hours of flying, a year-over-year growth of 25%, and adding nearly 100 additional employees to the flyFamily, flyExclusive took 2020 and ran with it.

“While 2020 was a difficult year for aviation, we not only survived the pandemic but actually grew our operations amid the downturn in a way that gives us a runway for accelerated growth in the year ahead,” said Mike Guina, CEO, flyExclusive. “Now, as vaccines become more available and experts predict a travel-filled summer, we are poised to capitalize on the recovery with the best possible private flying experience in the marketplace.”

Accessible Meets Exceptional


In 2021, flyExclusive’s growth is focused in three key areas to better serve customers: fleet growth, facilities and hiring, and flexibility and innovation. As a leading brand in private aviation, the growth follows a year in which the company expanded international capabilities with the launch of flyExclusive International and successfully launched its Jet Club – all amid a global pandemic. The new year started with a 100% retention rate of Jet Club Members, 800 live legs, and operations in 10 countries including the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Costa Rica, Antigua and Barbuda. COVID-19 was still in full force, implementing industry-leading Safety Protocols to ensure the safest travels for Members and guests during the pandemic.

In commitment to innovation, broadening access, and flexibility, the second quarter of 2021 brought the announcement of accepting cryptocurrency payments for Jet Club Memberships and private charter flights. Through a partnership with BitPay, the world’s largest provider of BitCoin and cryptocurrency payment services, travelers who choose flyExclusive can now use Bitcoin, Ethereum or other forms of cryptocurrency in exchange for a world-class flying experience that surpasses expectations for quality, safety, and convenience. In July of 2021, driven by a passion for world-class customer service, flyExclusive launched hiring initiatives doubling down on its investments in technology and improving its service offerings with new innovative capabilities in hiring Tommy Sowers as President of Private Charter Operations, David Ivy as Vice President of Engineering and opening a Technology hub in Durham, North Carolina focused on developing innovative applications to enhance operations and continuously improve the world-class private jet experiences for clients and partners.

“In a year when the entire private aviation industry experienced a downturn, flyExclusive grew operations and made strategic investments in our fleet, our facilities, our people, and our services that position us to better serve customers amid the recovery,” said Tommy Sowers, President, flyExclusive. “That growth has accelerated in 2021 and shows no signs of stopping as restrictions loosen, travelers return to the skies and we continue to build flyExclusive into an elite brand in private aviation.”

The focus on growth and innovation paid off when flyExclusive was awarded a spot on the Inc. 5000 list of fastest-growing private companies in the United States for 2021. September brought the grand opening ceremony of the long-awaited MRO facilities which include two 10,000-square-foot hangars housing the Electrostatic Painting & Coating facility and Aircraft Interior Renovation and Refurbishment facility projected to bring 200 additional jobs to Eastern North Carolina. With the continued growth of its leadership team, flyExclusive appointed Chuck Williams as Chief Financial Officer. The new leaders continued efforts in flyExclusive’s deep wealth of industry experience as the company sought to build new and exciting private jet experiences, including its private charter and Jet Club service offerings.

Now, with a growing fleet of 75+ certified aircraft, making flyExclusive the second-largest Citation operator in the world, Segrave and the flyFamily team have delivered on the vision for a private jet charter company that offers the highest levels of service and quality and where both clients and employees are treated like family time and time again. The accessibility and enhancements continue to flow, as flyExclusive has announced new improvements to Jet Club that allows Members to truly fly like an owner alongside a dedicated concierge mobile app. The major enhancements, which include a new Membership, rate structure and expanded international capabilities, gives Members more opportunities to save while keeping them on flyExclusive’s versatile, consistent, Wi-Fi-enabled fleet.

“When we first launched Jet Club, our goal was to create a membership that was completely unique in the marketplace from traditional jet cards, fractional or charter options,” said Brad Blettner, Chief Revenue Officer, flyExclusive. “We listened to our Members about ways to make their experience even better and have taken that feedback to heart. The enhancements we’re unveiling today reflect a Jet Club that is purposefully tailored to meet the unique and diverse needs of our Members, ultimately giving private jet fliers the highest levels of access, consistency, and savings based on how they fly.”

This revamp will only open more doors of opportunities as the year comes to a close.

Foreseeing Continual Momentum

Stepping into 2022, flyExclusive will be honing in on extending the reliability, consistency, and quality private travelers expect. By expanding our fleet of Gulfstream GIVSPs to a projected 10 aircraft and Cessna Citation jets in all categories of Light, Mid, and Super-Mid, our fleet will reach more corners of the globe. In this, growing international capabilities, adding new routes, and additional aircraft for on-demand, long-range global private charter services will be major focus points while providing the opportunity to receive a premier flying experience either domestically or internationally. Doubling Jet Club Membership numbers will coincide with making improvements to the concierge mobile app, which will ping pilots with passenger information and profiles about an hour before departure instead of in thick packets of information the night before. Segrave predicts flyExclusive is on track to reach a target of $300 million in revenue next year.

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