The Impact of Rising Fuel Prices on Private Aviation

With the industry facing above-average fuel rates, those who travel through a private jet membership with limited price increases aren't as affected.

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Fuel prices have always been an important factor for the aviation industry, and private aviation is no exception to this. As the cost of fuel increases, it can affect various aspects of private aviation, including the cost of private jet membership fees and overall private flight totals. With the industry facing above-average rates, those who choose to travel with providers that limit price increases aren’t as affected, enabling a more standard trip summation.

Impact on Private Aviation Companies

The increasing cost of fuel can dramatically impact a provider’s profitability and overall ability to provide luxury flights to its Members. As the price continues to fluctuate upward, typical private jet providers resort to burdening the cost of the luxury experience to Members and charter guests. This generally includes incurring costs from regular operations such as empty-leg flights and overall maintenance. flyExclusive manages and reduces the overall total increase of prices by operating a floating fleet, and performing all aircraft maintenance internally.

Empty Leg Costs

Rising fuel prices have a direct impact on the cost of operating a private aircraft. The cost of fuel accounts for a significant portion of the overall cost of private jets, which means that as companies move a jet from one destination to another, the cost incurred by the provider increases. This is especially true for providers that don’t utilize a floating fleet model. A fixed fleet, that operates out of one or two home bases incur the additional fuel costs by possibly needing to deliver an aircraft to a destination without having passengers aboard. These flights often referred to as “empty legs”, require the provider to pocket fuel costs to ensure the requested jet is provided to their Member. Whereas, private jet operators such as flyExclusive who own and operate each of the 90+ aircraft in our floating fleet, are able to shave a sizable amount off of the typical cost for a flight from point A to point B.

Maintenance Costs

Increased fuel prices also impact the maintenance costs of private jets. This is because fuel is required not only for flying the aircraft but also for heating and cooling the cabin, powering the engines, and other essential functions. Should any of these systems begin malfunctioning, an aircraft may require further repairs and maintenance, overall increasing the cost of operation. Private aviation companies must take these increased costs into account when budgeting for maintenance and repairs, as well as the costs of transporting an aircraft to maintenance facilities throughout the nation. Alternatively, flyExclusive executes the majority of required maintenance to keep our aircraft in perfect working condition in our state-of-the-art MRO facilities located throughout the country. With 60,000 square feet of maintenance space, and a road team of the industry's best, flyExclusive Jet Club Members rarely see a substantial maintenance fee in the final itinerary cost.

Experience No Fuel Surcharges with flyExclusive's Private Jet Membership

As fuel prices continue to rise, it is important for private aviation companies to find innovative ways to reduce their operating costs and remain competitive in the industry. These increasing costs can be detrimental to private air travel if left unchecked. At flyExclusive, we pride ourselves in being able to provide our private Jet Club Members with no fuel surcharges, and transparent, nominal monthly price adjustments that increase and decrease based on monthly fuel indexes. Our team of aviation experts has years of experience providing an unmatched flying experience and a luxury fleet of professionally maintained jets to Members, no matter the external environmental factors. To learn more about flyExclusive and our innovative Jet Club Membership options visit our Jet Club page today.

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