The Insight to flyExclusive’s Soaring Fleet

As the second-largest operator in the world of Citation jets, flyExclusive continues to provide superior service through our immense fleet of luxury, hand-crafted, Cessna aircraft. Below is a breakdown of flyExclusive's prestigious fleet of Cessna aircraft and why the selection of this brand was simple.

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When making the decision to fly private or in choosing which Jet Club Membership to be a part of, there are many key components that should be put into consideration. While values, amenities, and cost are important, safety and consistency is crucial in making the final decision on which business to trust in flight. At flyExclusive, we take pride in the decision to own a floating fleet of over 75+ Cessna aircraft. Cessna is the world's industry leader in producing high-quality performance jets, and when providing an extraordinary experience to our Members nothing shy of the best is expected. As the second-largest operator in the world of Citation jets, flyExclusive continues to provide superior service through our immense fleet of luxury, hand-crafted, Cessna aircraft. Below is a breakdown of flyExclusive's prestigious fleet of Cessna aircraft and why the selection of this brand was simple.

History of the Cessna Citation at flyExclusive

Founded in 1927, Cessna Aviation Company began as a general aviation aircraft manufacturing corporation that produced small, piston-powered aircraft, as well as business jets. Little did they know, Cessna would go on to create the most produced airplane in history and would be a brand name that the aviation industry would know and trust.

Since these drastic marks in history, the Cessna brand has placed decades of experience, innovation, and excellence under their wings. The Cessna family of aircraft is renowned for its efficiency, reliability, safety, and passenger appeal. An attribute of the company has always been responding to industry desires for more advanced operational capability and efficiency; making the decision to construct an ever-growing fleet of modernized Cessna aircraft for flyExclusive to carry our Members and guests aboard, a simple one. Following the spirit of innovation that continues today with advanced designs and production processes, we are proud to be recognized as the fifth largest private jet operator in the world.

flyExclusive's Sizable Fleet of Cessna Aircraft

Traveling with flyExclusive is not just a flight–it's an experience. We believe that every private flight is an opportunity for our Jet Club Members and guests to ascend into luxury. Our ownership of the aircraft allows for flyExclusive to provide a predictable and high-quality flight experience with each takeoff. flyExclusive owns a fast-growing fleet of 75+ versatile private jets, including Citation Encore, Citation CJ3, Citation Excel/XLS, Citation Sovereign, and Citation X aircraft solely for the pleasure of our guests and Members. With our flyExclusive Jet Club Membership, you have access to this elite line of aircraft equipped with guaranteed availability.

Light Jets

What is known today as the Cessna Citation Encore, is a stretch of the original Cessna 550 Citation II. The twin-engined, small-to-medium sized business jet has evolved from numerous models to be developed into the best-in-class light jet flown today. By utilizing modern technologies to enhance the proven design of one of the best-selling light cabin business jets of all time, the Encore’s increased performance allows for faster climbs to altitude – translating into a more comfortable ride for passengers, as well as additional range to ensure the ability to reach any destination. The cabin offers many larger jet amenities such as a full refreshment center and a fully enclosed aft lavatory as well.

The Citation Encore comes equipped with two Pratt & Whitney Canada PW535A engines that, alongside the distinct wing design, increase the Encore’s cruise speed to a velocity unlike many others. flyExclusive currently operates 10 Encore aircraft in our fleet and is quintessential for quick business trips or short weekend getaways. Whether you are in need of transportation for an unexpected business demand, an aircraft that can land with ease on shorter runways, or a jet to carry you to your mountainous vacation destination, the Encore and Encore+ are both great options to optimize your private travel experience.

The Cessna Citation CJ3 (Model 525B) is an upgraded and extended version of its 2004 certified aircraft. The CJ3 is powered by two Williams FJ44-3A engines and boasts an impressive wingspan of 53 feet, 4 inches resulting in a fast, yet sizable light cabin jet. It delivers exceptional reliability and performance without compromising productivity and comfort, making the CJ3 a phenomenal aircraft for immediate business or long-awaited travel.

The Citation CJ3 is designed to an impeccable standard, equipped with a spacious cabin of 283 cubic feet. This aircraft comprises a generous, luxury interior with high spec executive seating and in-cabin technology allowing passengers to enjoy more space, comfort, and class. Spread out and relax, host a meeting, or bask in the extravagance; the CJ3 jet is known for being the fastest, most advanced aircraft of its kind and it truly shows. flyExclusive currently operates seven CJ3 aircraft and recommends it for business or pleasure travel.

With the production of its first models dating back to 1996, the Citation Excel/XLS has now become among the best-selling private jets of all time, and for good reason. The twin Pratt & Whitney PW545B engines power an impressive normal cruise speed, and allows for relaxed travel in and out of smaller airports while continuing to offer exceptional comfort and premium amenities to guests and Members.

The Citation Excel/XLS is the staple of the flyExclusive Citation fleet, standing at nearly half of our entire aircraft count. Containing one of the most spacious cabins of any midsize business jet, the Excel includes 11 windows for ample natural light, adequate standup headroom, and a dropped, full-length aisle. Its spacious cabin comfortably accommodates eight passengers in a standard configuration. Featuring a full refreshment center and a spacious baggage compartment, the Excel/XLS is more than ideal for important business meetings while in the air, and leisure travel to long-awaited destinations, meeting the majority of most private jet travel needs. Pack your bags full of jackets and snow pants for a ski trip in the Rockies, or diminish the stress of leaving items behind for a lengthy tropical stay. Compromising on amenities doesn’t have to be a thought with a Citation Excel and flyExclusive. Between destinations like White Plains to Nassau, travel from the east coast to island paradise in comfort and style.

Super Mid-Size Jets

The Cessna Citation X marked the beginning of an all-new series launch for Cessna with the new 750s. Standing as a completely new aircraft, rather than an upgraded version of previous Citation Jet aircraft, the X quickly piqued interest and gained traction in the aviation industry being the fastest, most comfortable, and most efficient jet on the market. Two Rolls-Royce AE3007C engines power the Citation X giving it the ability to fly from Los Angeles to New York in less than six hours, or from Pittsburgh to San Diego in four hours flat.

The Citation X is the most versatile aircraft in the fleet with an impressive combination of range, amenities, and speed that are sure to impress. When time and comfort are at a premium, the Citation X is perfect with its coast-to-coast capability and spacious cabin. Comfortably seat eight passengers in a cabin configured in a twin club arrangement, with ample leg, head, and shoulder room for all passengers aboard. The cabin allows full stand-up capabilities and ample closet and storage compartment space. The Citation X’s baggage storage compartment is heated and pressurized so that belongings won’t be damaged in flight, ideal for traveling with valuables. The baggage compartment holds an enormous amount of baggage, reducing clutter and congestion in the cabin of the Citation X. This provides Members and guests aboard ample room for business or pleasure. Fly aboard one of 10 flyExclusive owned, super-midsized aircraft, perfect for cross country trips, overseas adventures, and family or group outings.

After gaining its certification in 2004, the Citation Sovereign was introduced as a high-performance jet to plug the gap between the Excel/XLS and Citation X. In today’s industry, the modernized Citation Sovereigns have been highly rated as one of the best-midsize jets for long-range trips in high elevation. Fitted with Pratt & Whitney Canada PW306C turbofan engines, the Sovereign has the ability to cross the United States non-stop. Once it’s done sweeping its passengers away in utmost comfort and speed, the Sovereign will continuously amaze those aboard with additional unmatched capabilities that go above and beyond other large private jets in the industry.

The Citation Sovereign's robust cabin provides ample space for a full refreshment center and renowned double-club seating. In addition, the spacious baggage capacity is perfect for many large bags which results in generous interior room for comfortable moving around and entertaining up to 9 passengers. Travel at the pinnacle of luxury between Aspen and West Palm Beach, travel from the ski slopes to sandy beaches with plenty of friends and family with the Cessna Citation Sovereign, the largest Cessna aircraft in the flyExclusive fleet and one of the most exceptional super-midsize private jets in the industry. Interested in escaping on a cross-country expedition to Hawaii, or possibly exploring Europe on a transcontinental trip? Travel aboard our world-class Citation Sovereign for peak luxury experience for you and your family.

The Future of flyExclusive's Ever-Growing Fleet

With the world’s most diversified private aviation portfolio, the Cessna Citation jet family has the power to carry our Members and guests forward to every destination imaginable. Equipped with an extensive range of customizable options, the Cessna jet family at flyExclusive is designed to meet and exceed your every request in travel. Each aircraft is engineered to perform at the highest degree of efficiency—all while delivering elevated levels of luxury and added peace of mind. The Cessna jet family at flyExclusive is renowned for delivering superior reliability and predictability without deducting from efficiency and comfort.

flyExclusive's objective is to continuously increase its already impressive fleet year over year. "Our fleet growth focus has been to add aircraft that meet the performance, reliability and operating efficiency demands across each cabin size. The Citation line-up has consistently met these requirements and has been fundamental to our success in growing our base of customers, members and partners,” explained Brandon Greene, Senior Vice President of Fleet Development.

With over 75 jets ranging in size and ability currently at hand, and the ranking of the fourth-largest Part 135 operator in the world, the room for growth is knocking at our door. In the fifty years following the 1969 first flight, over 7,500 Citations have been delivered, forming the largest business jet fleet. flyExclusive is proud to fly with Cessna, the leader in private aviation since 1969 and we look forward to expanding to unimaginable levels.

flyExclusive | North Carolina's Premier Private Jet Operator

flyExclusive proudly fulfills a mission of providing high quality, safe, and reliable point-to-point private jet travel at industry-leading levels of affordability, accessibility, and client satisfaction. With Fortune 500 recognition, full access to a growing fleet of highly desirable company-owned aircraft, 24/7 nationwide flight operations, personalized customer service, and decades of experience as operators and innovators—flyExclusive is a robust aviation partner you can trust. We look forward to serving you on your next flight, please visit our website for more information:

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