Top Rated Skiing Destinations to fly Privately to this Winter

From takeoff to the journey home, flyExclusive Fractional Jet Ownership handles every element of your private flight to the best winter sports resorts in the country. Take a look at these world-renowned ski destinations to visit this winter!

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Winter sports season is rapidly approaching. For avid skiers and snowboarders, traveling to the nation’s top-rated ski destination without the help of a Fractional Jet Ownership program can become costly. Rather than wasting precious time you could be on the slopes finding out which resort is the best, flyExclusive has gathered our top three most flown-to skiing destinations. From takeoff to the journey home, flyExclusive handles every element of your private flight to the best winter sports resorts in the country. Take a look at these world-renowned ski destinations to visit this winter!


As the third-largest single-mountain ski resort in the western U.S., Vail is known by snow sports professionals and ambitious beginners alike as the winter sports capital of the States. Offering over 5,300 acres of fresh powder each year, Vail Ski Resort is a skier's dream. Enjoy the breathtaking views along the range's 195 trails, lodge in the resort’s accommodating villages, and explore the charming streets for unique boutiques, fine dining, and vibrant nightlife. Unwind and decompress at the resort spas and wellness centers. Vail, CO encapsulates the ideal snow sports getaway for experienced and green alike. When searching for flights to Vail CO, trust flyExclusive to elevate your travel experience. Our private Cessna-Citation fleet offers the safest flights to Vail CO, with world-class passenger service and industry-leading pilot safety certifications for peace of mind.

Jackson Hole

Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, the prized possession of Teton Village, WY, is among the most highly-acclaimed ski resorts in the U.S. Famous among thrill-seekers, Jackson Hole is home to the longest continuous vertical rise of any ski area in the nation. Jackson Hole Mountain resort offers 2,500 acres of skiable terrain along two mountains, Aprés Vous and Rendezvous. Jackson Hole Mountain Resort accommodates millions of ski-goers each year, with 131 named trails for endless amusement.

After a full day on the slopes, head into town to dine among various local farm-to-table restaurants. Following the evening at a local eatery of choice, explore the nightlife of Jackson Hole. From live music and immersive family experiences to poured craft cocktails and relaxing spas and massage studios, Jackson Hole truly does have a well-rounded variety of activities for enthusiasts of all ages. With flyExclusive Fractional Jet Ownership, Owners and guests can start their vacation before leaving the runway. Fly in world-class comfort on a private jet to Jackson Hole with a Services Team and Crew that exceeds your accommodations and preferences. Our ever-growing fleet of over 90 Cessna Citation aircraft simplifies and elevates the private travel experience with guaranteed access to a private jet to Jackson Hole from any location.

Park City Mountain

If you’re searching for a ski resort as great as your love for the sport, Park City Mountain is the place for you. Located along the Wasatch Mountains, this world-renowned resort is the largest in the nation. Park City Mountain offers a staggering 7,300 acres of the finest skiing and snowboarding terrain for maximized enjoyment and thrill. At the largest ski resort in the country, you can expect to find larger-than-life amenities, activities, and things to do around Park City. For an evening on the town, opt for sliding down the slopes with direct access to the historic Main Street. Enjoy a refreshing craft cocktail from High West Distillery, select among a variety of sophisticated dining options, and peruse the storefront shops for fine gifts and styles.

The Wasatch Mountains offer an unforgettable winter experience. Before you fly to Park City Utah through your flyExclusive Fractional Jet Ownership, ensure you’re flying with the best. flyExclusive can take you there with seamless team service, unparalleled customization, and enhanced luxury that eliminates headaches. Our dedicated crew of aviation professionals proudly provides only the best customer service and passenger accommodations as our Fractional Jet Owners fly to Park City Utah.

Explore Ski Country with flyExclusive Fractional Jet Ownership

flyExclusive’s Fractional Jet Ownership unlocks endless possibilities for your private flight experiences. From having a share in a brand new Citation CJ3+, and access to our entire Citation fleet to not having to worry about maintenance and storage of the aircraft, getting involved with flyExclusive’s Fractional Aircraft Ownership is a brilliant move for any aircraft owner and frequent traveler. To learn more about how you can maximize your winter getaway with private jet ownership and to start building your fractional, visit our website today!

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