Travel Tips to Balance Work While on Vacation

The increased time spent at your destination rather than traveling, along with the various perks of a private jet club makes working on vacation a breeze.

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At times, a vacation can come at a busy time in the industry requiring some work to be done remotely. Fortunately, modern technology has provided a way to vacation while still accomplishing much-needed work tasks. This is especially true with private jet travel to your vacation destination. The increased time spent at your destination rather than traveling, along with the various perks of a private jet club makes working on vacation a breeze.

Decreased Travel Time

Commercial travel can make your vacation seem like a chore. Having to arrive early, wait in line for a variety of checks, and worry about potential delays can be a waste of precious downtime. This is especially true when work is a part of your vacation. Increasing the time spent on the actual travel reduces the valuable time that can be spent working on items on hand. Private jet travel also ensures that you don’t have to make unnecessary stops or layovers in cities which can reduce your time spent on vacation. Using a private jet club, you can schedule your vacation to start sooner and get directly to the fun giving you flexibility on how you spend your time away.

Perks of Flying Private

Flying private has a variety of perks that make working while traveling easier. The first and largest perk is the ability to ensure that each step of your traveling process is taken care of. From the moment you book, a flyExclusive team member is here to manage your trip. Private jet travel allows you to be picked up from home and brought directly to your aircraft reducing time spent in lines and looking for parking. The next major perk of a private jet club is the inflight wifi capability. If you are looking to do a cross-country flight, you may find yourself with a few hours of free time that can be used for work. Inflight wifi gives you the ability to work on anything you may need to complete prior to starting your vacation. Inflight wifi also gives you the ability to attend meetings through popular virtual meeting programs including Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Google Meet, so you never miss a major presentation or client opportunity. The last perk of flying private is the incredible personalized meals available for your flight. While on vacation, eating new and exciting things is a way of unwinding for some. Knowing that you can begin enjoying your vacation directly on the flight while still using the provided wifi to ensure your work is getting done provides you the best of both worlds.

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