Understanding Aircraft Ownership Solutions

Purchasing an aircraft is a big decision, but if you're considering it, an aircraft ownership solution other than full ownership may be the right choice for you.

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The idea of owning a private jet is often unattainable for most. The hefty price tag associated with these luxury aircraft makes the purchase of one a massive financial decision. However, for those who can afford it, private jets offer a number of advantages, from the ability to travel on your own schedule to the luxury of avoiding the hassles of commercial flying. During the deliberate consideration needed prior to purchasing a private jet, researching another aircraft ownership solution outside of direct ownership may make the decision more financially lucrative.

Fractional Ownership

A modern aircraft ownership solution that reduces a multitude of private jet ownership headaches is a fractional jet ownership program. This solution allows a purchaser to acquire a share of an airplane rather than the entire aircraft. Instead of buying a private jet that will need to be stored and maintained, a user will purchase flight hour packages that allow unlimited access to an aircraft and aviation crew. This solution is often compared to a vehicle lease program as it provides the luxury and accessibility of ownership without the full array of ownership costs.

Benefits of Fractional Ownership

Fractional jet ownership through flyExclusive provides a variety of benefits that often outweigh those of direct ownership. Using this aircraft ownership solution a potential owner can purchase a share in a private jet which is significantly less than the cost of buying an entire aircraft outright. This makes this ownership model often more cost-effective than traditional ownership especially as it also minimizes reoccurring costs of ownership such as hanger costs. This solution also gives the fractional owner access to a fleet of planes rather than just one. In most cases a fractional ownership model allows the user to choose the size and type of plane they want depending on their needs at any given time. Lastly, as a fractional owner, the headaches involved with hiring and maintaining a professional aviation crew to be prepared when needed are removed.

Other Private Jet Travel Solutions

Ownership models may not always be the best option for those looking to travel using a private jet. Other frequently used travel solutions such as a chartered flight or Jet Club Membership can often meet the needs of a traveler with a reduced financial commitment. Using a top-rated safety charter rather than an aircraft ownership solution may be the better choice for those needing to fly infrequently. On the other hand, a Jet Club Membership may be the wiser choice for someone who is a frequent flyer and would prefer access to extra luxuries such as a dedicated concierge app to make booking easier. Understanding each option available can help make selecting the perfect solution less stressful in the long run.

Aircraft Ownership Solution | flyExclusive

Purchasing an aircraft is a big decision, but if you're considering it, an aircraft ownership solution other than full ownership may be the right choice for you. At flyExclusive we offer fractional jet ownership options to suit any ownership level you may need. Our team of aviation experts is here to provide you with an industry-leading safety check aircraft and staff each and every time you fly with us. Our signature programs offer flexibility, cost savings, and convenience that traditional ownership just can't match. To learn more about our ownership options visit our website.

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