Upgrade Your Travel with Private Jet Fractional Ownership

If you're looking for the ultimate in flexibility and luxury when it comes to private air travel, Fractional Jet Ownership with flyExclusive is the way to go.

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In the past year, private jet travel has peaked to an all time high. This spike in traffic is allowing masses to feel the luxury and customization that comes with flying private, accounting for a rise in interests of owning a personal private jet. Flexibility, customization, and all the detailed perks associated with this form of travel are common denominators for those looking to purchase their own jet. However, with the introduction of flyExclusive Fractional Jet Ownership, these benefits are not only spotlighted but made simpler than ever to acquire.

More Flexibility with Your Schedule

One of the main benefits of flyExclusive Fractional Jet Ownership is the innate flexibility provided over the traditional ownership model. This is made clear as an owner isn’t tied down to a specific jet or flight schedule in the same way they would if they owned a single specific jet. This flexibility allows travel plans to be altered easily without the hassle and expense of finding another crew, jet, or airport to use.


When it comes to private jet fractional ownership, customization is a benefit that can’t be matched by other ownership models. This is due to the ability of owners to fluctuate between their choice from jets rather than settling for a single-owned aircraft. As requirements for specific flight changes, Owners can customize their plan to find the right plane for the particular trip. Our entire fleet is available through preferred Fractional pricing. If the aircraft is not available, or additional hours are need past the 40 hours in the CJ3+, count on our fleet of Light, Midsize, and Super-Midsize aircraft to meet the needs for any occasion.

Aircraft Maintenance

A major pitfall of direct ownership is the headache of managing the aircraft, crew, and travel plans associated with flying. Using private jet fractional ownership provides owners a remedy to that by aircraft maintenance for the entire fleet of provided jets. These services include aircraft storage, maintenance, and fueling costs. Furthermore, with this third-party ownership model, owners know that their aircraft of choice will be well-maintained and always up-to-date with the latest technology and amenities.

Bonus Fractional Jet Ownership Perks

When purchasing private jet fractional ownership, Owners are not just buying access to a plane—they’re also buying access to a whole team of travel professionals who will take care of everything, from flight planning to in-flight catering. Along with a customizable menu, Fractional Owners will find extra details of their flight schedules including travel to and from the airport is included.

flyExclusive | Private Jet Fractional Jet Ownership

If you're looking for the ultimate in flexibility and luxury when it comes to private air travel, Fractional Jet Ownership with flyExclusive is the way to go. The infinite benefits and perks, make choosing flyExclusive private jet Fractional Ownership a no-brainer. At flyExclusive Headquarters and through our flyExclusive Ocean Reef office, we offer private Jet Ownership to suit your needs with a fleet of ready-to-purchase jets maintained above industry standards. Our team of aviation experts is here to connect you with the right aircraft for you. Visit our website to learn more about our Fractional Jet Ownership benefits and how they can save you from the headaches of traditional ownership.

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