What is a Floating Fleet?

Private jet clubs have seen a rise in the need for flights nationwide. To combat this, private jet companies have taken up a new style of fleet known as a floating fleet.

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Private jet clubs have seen a rise in the need for flights nationwide. To combat this, private jet companies have taken up a new style of fleet known as a floating fleet. A floating fleet refers to having the same or similar style of aircraft scattered throughout different locations all owned by a single company. This allows private jet clubs such as flyExclusive’s Jet Club, to allow access to their expansive Citation fleet to a larger audience with shorter lead times. Furthermore, the ability to cut out unnecessary empty return flights allows for cost savings for the Member.

The Time Benefit of a Floating Fleet

A floating fleet has quite a few benefits for both a private Jet Club that owns the Citation fleet as well as their Members. The main benefit for both parties is the ease of access. Floating fleets are specifically designed to handle common flights and routes. As a Member requests a flight, they are met with shorter lead times as a floating fleet allows them to access jets closer to their starting location. For example; if a Member would like to fly from Kinston, North Carolina to Miami, Florida, they would have access to the local fleet currently on hand rather than waiting for a jet to become available from another city. They could then choose a jet of their choice such as the Gulfstream GIV and enjoy a quick flight down with their family and friends without waiting for the private jet clubs to prepare a jet from another airport.

The Cost-Benefit of a Floating Fleet

Floating fleets bring financial benefits for private jet clubs and their users. As the fleet of private jets is dispersed throughout the country, companies can provide one-way flights for a fraction of the price. This is due to the ability to store the private jet at the final location rather than needing to return it to the original port. For example; if the aforementioned flight were to happen, flyExclusive could then store their jet in Miami rather than returning it to Kinston. Thus, the Gulfstream GIV would then become part of the company’s Miami fleet. Private jet clubs can now use this method to truly quote their clients for a one-way flight as their jets won’t have to take an empty flight back to their original airport. It also allows the company to allocate the extra cost savings of the one-way trip towards other aspects of their business such as staffing, plane maintenance, and other benefit-adding endeavors.

The flyExclusive Private Jet Clubs Floating Fleet

flyExclusive offers premier private Jet Club service to provide you and your family with a safe, efficient, and consistent private flight experience. Our floating fleet of Light, Mid, and Super-Mid jets are here whenever you are ready for your next adventure. flyExclusive’s Jet Club offers a variety of benefits for all Members and their guests. For more information on our Citation fleet, or the many benefits of our private Jet Club, visit our website.

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