What is a Jet Club Membership?

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The private jet industry has seen historic growth over the past year, due in no small part to the global COVID-19 pandemic. It marked a season where those planning to fly private but who had yet to take the plunge decided to step out of line for First Class and move over to private flights. Although there are many options in the private jet world including Jet Clubs, ownership, charter flights, it can be tough to determine which one is right for you.  We are here to help you weave your way through the different options available, focusing on premium Jet Club memberships

What is a Jet Club? 

When planning your private jet flight, the key to determining which option is right for you lies in an honest assessment of your needs. How much are you realistically flying? Is it just you, or do you usually have a team? 

Private jet ownership may be the right option if you plan to fly several hundred hours per year. However, the upfront cost and recurring cost of owning a jet can be staggering. For the bulk of private jet flyers, a Jet Club membership is a more economical approach. Private jet membership is an aviation business model in which consumers pay a fee to unlock access to private aviation services. flyExclusive offers two different private jet membership levels to accommodate all of our Members while offering premier service.Our ownership of the aircraft allows flyExclusive to provide a predictable and high-quality flight experience. With comfortable seating and a WiFi-enabled fleet, you can trust flyExclusive’s consistent commitment to your Jet Club experience.

What Options are Available?

If you are looking to fly multiple times per year and have a high level of availability and flexibility in your aircraft choices, then a Jet Club membership is for you. When you join Jet Club, you have access to our Cessna Citation fleet of aircraft at your disposal, upwards of 75 aircraft. 

When you have a Jet Club membership, you have exclusive access to a mixed and versatile fleet of aircraft, including light, mid, super-mid, and large-cabin aircraft. As your needs may change, sometimes even just from one flight to the next. Private jets are not a one-size-fits-all proposition; they are built differently for varying trip lengths and destinations.

The Fly Club

Through the Fly Club program with flyExclusive, our private travelers are granted 15-30 hours per year with guaranteed availability for 24 months. Regardless if you are flying from one midwestern city to another, or across the nation, full access to the flyExclusive light, midsize and super-midsize fleet allows you to hand select which luxury aircraft you’d like to fly aboard. With the highly competitive hourly rates and no repositioning charges or fees, families or singular travelers are well suited with all the Fly Club program has to offer. 

The Exclusive Club

The Exclusive Club is a recurring membership program for travelers expecting to fly over 30 hours per year and need guaranteed availability with no expiration of funds. This plan has no limit to the amount of pre-funded flight hours per year, a fantastic option for travelers who plan to fly frequently. Like the Fly Club, the Exclusive Club affords you full access to light, mid, and super-midsize cabin aircraft, with supplemental access to the Gulfstream fleet as available. 

Jet Club Membership | flyExclusive 

Flying private is not for everyone, but it is gratifying for those who want the highest levels of luxury and service and need the flexibility it affords. There is no match to the quality of service found with flyExclusive, and the fleet diversity and accessibility are second to none. Call us today, and we will get you set up with the perfect Jet Club membership to fit your needs!

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