What is a Part 145 Certification?

As a Part 145 certified provider, flyExclusive is proud to be a part of aviation excellence and is excited to share what Part 145 means for the aviation industry.

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Aviation is a highly regulated industry, and safety is of utmost importance. One of the critical aspects of ensuring safety in aviation is maintaining aircraft in a state of airworthiness. To achieve this, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has established regulations that govern how aircraft maintenance is carried out. One such regulation is the FAA Part 145 Certification. As a Part 145 certified provider, flyExclusive is proud to be a part of aviation excellence and is excited to share what Part 145 means for the aviation industry.

Understanding Part 145 Certification

An aviation Part 145 certification is a regulation established by the FAA that outlines the requirements for aircraft maintenance, repair, and operation organizations (MROs). It is a set of standards that a jet aviation MRO must meet to perform maintenance, preventive maintenance, alterations, or required inspections of aircraft and aircraft components.

Part 145 certification is granted by the FAA after an MRO facility aviation meets all the requirements outlined in the regulation. These requirements include having a quality control system, qualified personnel, appropriate equipment, and facilities. This certification also requires the FAA to conduct an audit to ensure that the MRO meets all the requirements before granting FAA Part 145 Certification.

Importance of Part 145 Certification

Aviation Part 145 certification is critical for providers because it ensures that all maintenance work carried out on an aircraft is done to a high standard. It guarantees that an MRO facility aviation has the necessary resources, personnel, and equipment to perform maintenance work correctly. This provides an extra layer of peace of mind for all owners using flyExclusive to properly repair and maintain their aircraft.

Part 145 certification also provides a level of consistency in aircraft maintenance across the various systems needed in an aircraft. This includes everything from electrostatic painting and coating to internal maintenance of cabin features such as seating. It also provides a jet aviation MRO the ability to install modern avionics of trusted brands such as Garmin, Gogo, and SmartSky.

flyExclusive Receives A FAA Part 145 Certification

flyExclusive is proud to announce that it has received a Part 145 certification. This essential certification ensures us a trusted provider in the aviation industry. We take pride in our expert team of MRO professionals and their ability to strive for excellence and security for all private Jet Club Members, Fractional Owners, and passengers using a flyExclusive aircraft. With our expansive MRO facilities covering 100,000 square feet of space, our professional team is able to provide necessary maintenance on every aircraft that hits our MRO floor keeping its passengers in the air safely all year long. Additionally, flyExclusive has invested in a 12,000-square-foot facility designed specifically for painting and coating any aircraft that lands at our doors. Furthermore, to ensure flyExclusive’s facilities and team are able to continue to provide our industry-leading MRO services, flyExclusive is working on establishing a supplemental 80,000-square-foot facility to train the next generation of technicians to company standards.

Choose flyExclusive

Choosing flyExclusive means choosing an aviation provider committed to safety, excellence, and reliability. With our Part 145 certification and expert team of MRO professionals, we ensure that any private aircraft we maintain is done so to the highest standards. Plus, with our industry-leading MRO facilities, we can get your aircraft in for maintenance or repair with minimal lead times. To learn more about our Part 145 Certification or our industry-leading MRO team and facilities visit our Newsroom today.

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