What is an MRO in Aviation?

MRO in aviation comes into play with regular maintenance, repair, and overall as assurance that the overall operation of the aircraft is above required safety standards is a key aspect of the company.

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Maintenance, repair, and operations, MRO for short, is a common term throughout a variety of industries. That is no different in the aviation industry. MRO in aviation comes directly into play in the aircraft portion of the business. Regular maintenance, repair, and overall assurance that the overall operation of the aircraft is above required safety standards is a key aspect of the company. It is also a major key to answering the question “what is MRO in aviation?”


In the aviation industry, maintenance on an aircraft is a major step that most passengers often overlook. Maintenance on an aircraft requires years of technological and engineering experience to execute correctly. Each team member involved in the regular maintenance of the exterior, engine, and interior of the aircraft must not only comply with strict safety standards but must ensure that each step of the maintenance process is completed in a safe and secure manner. The maintenance portion of MRO in aviation requires unparalleled attention to detail to provide a smooth flight each and every time.


Repair, much like maintenance, is a crucial portion of the aviation industry. Repairing a jet requires a distinct set of tools that go beyond resolving the clear issue at hand. As each piece of an aircraft is interconnected, a team member focused on MRO in aviation, must repair not only the symptoms of the issue but ensure the root cause is taken into consideration. This not only includes the exterior of the aircraft but crucial pieces such as the jet’s avionics in the cockpit. It also includes private jet interior pieces such as the air filtration system and safety systems such as seat belts.


The last crucial part of the MRO in aviation puzzle is the operations. This piece again is crucial to providing guests with a luxurious and safe experience each time they board an aircraft. In aviation, MRO operations include the simple aspects of ensuring an aircraft is properly fueled, the aircraft is ready each time it is needed, and the crew is up to date with the latest safety features.

MRO in Aviation | flyExclusive

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