What Is Jet Club?

When wondering "What is Jet Club?" flyExclusive is here to answer all of your questions about our award winning Jet Club Membership and world class private jet services.

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flyExclusive's private Jet Club Membership offers 24/7 access to our world-class Cessna Citation fleet, providing Members the flexibility and control to customize their travel itineraries. In this fast-paced world, frequent travelers need a hassle-free approach to air travel, offering the utmost comfort and convenience possible. For those still wondering what is Jet Club and how it works, our team of aviation experts has outlined the unparalleled advantages that flyExclusive Jet Club Members can enjoy.

Transparent Pricing

Since Jet Club is designed for our exclusive Members, we can guarantee competitive rates, savings, and a refined experience for all travel plans. Initial deposits for our private Jet Club Membership start at $75,000 and increase through a tier system based on flying needs and specifications. Members can then enjoy competitive hourly and daily rates when they fly, with no blackout dates and limited high-demand dates included in their package. The membership structure suits varying travel requirements, offering flexibility in terms of flying hours and aircraft sizes. Members have complete control over their travel expenses.

Priority Access and Upgrades

Jet Club Members are treated to priority access and upgrades within flyExclusive's fleet. As availability permits, they will have the opportunity to upgrade to larger, more luxurious aircraft models. Whether they’re traveling with a small group or require extra space for an important business meeting, flyExclusive ensures comfort and satisfaction while indulging in the ultimate private jet experience.

Who Can Benefit from Jet Club?

Jet Club is an ideal solution for individuals and businesses that require frequent private jet travel to domestic and inter-coastal destinations. It provides Members with a cost-effective way to access private aviation without the expense of owning an aircraft. Jet Club is also an excellent option for those who value choice and control of their traveling plans. Members will always enjoy the luxury of flying on a private jet while avoiding the stress and commotion of commercial airports.

flyExclusive’s Cessna Citation Fleet

flyExclusive’s fleet consists of a wide range of private jets, which are maintained to the highest standards of safety and comfort. Our private Jet Club Membership grants access to our light, mid-size, and super mid-size aircraft options.

Light Jets:

Mid-Size Jets:

  • Citation Excel/XLS

Super Mid-Size Jets:

  • Citation X
  • Citation Sovereign

Other Benefits of Private Jet Club Membership

Along with cost savings and access to our state-of-the-art aircraft, Members can expect other benefits to elevate their private air travel plans.

Seamless Booking and Concierge Services

With flyExclusive's user-friendly online platform, booking a private jet is simple. Jet Club members enjoy streamlined reservations, saving valuable time and effort. Additionally, flyExclusive's dedicated concierge team is readily available to cater to every request, from ground transportation arrangements to in-flight catering. Our team can ensure a seamless travel experience from start to finish.

Industry-Leading Safety Measures

With its ARGUS Platinum rating and a team of highly trained professionals, Members can have peace of mind knowing they are in safe hands during each flight. flyExclusive adheres to rigorous safety protocols, including regular inspections, maintenance, and pilot training, ensuring that the journey is both secure and reliable.

Consider flyExclusive’s Private Jet Club Membership

Joining flyExclusive’s Jet Club is an invitation to unparalleled luxury, convenience, and personalized service. With an exceptional, world-class fleet, flexible pricing, and unmatched concierge services, flyExclusive sets the bar high for private jet travel. Say goodbye to the limitations of commercial airlines and embrace a new era of refined travel with a private Jet Club membership through flyExclusive. Visit our Jet Club page to learn more.

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