What Matters Most When Flying Private?

The frequency of private jet flights has shown consistent growth, especially in the United States, which boasts 69% of the total private jets in the world.

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The frequency of private jet flights has shown consistent growth, especially in the United States, which boasts 69% of the total private jets in the world. This market growth is due to the increasing demand across the country and as such, it is vital to know what matters most when considering traveling aboard private jet flights. At flyExclusive, we believe that what matters most is access, choice, and control. Adhering to these values allows us to create a world-class and stress-free experience for every one of our private Jet Club Members.


The cornerstone of any purchase is the buyer being able to utilize the item to their choosing. In regards to this, flyExclusive ensured travelers total access to our floating fleet of over 80 aircraft through our private Jet Club Membership. Buyers are able to select the program that suits their needs, and with no long-term commitments, are instantly granted access to our Light, Mid, and Super-Mid aircraft to begin flying on a trip-by-trip basis.

Each aircraft within our versatile fleet is fully equipped with wifi capabilities, updated interiors, ample cargo storage, and much more, providing each private Jet Club Member and guest flying the utmost comfort and accessibility to amenities while aboard.


One of the largest selling points of private jet flights is the ability to customize your travel plans to suit your preferences. Being able to tailor your private flights to accommodate any given situation cannot be overlooked. Commercial flights limit what you can bring with you and result in additional stress. Standard commercial flight cabins can be cramped, leading to unpleasant and uncomfortable travel.

At flyExclusive, we have overcome these obstacles by supplying travelers with a broad range of private jet styles. Within our fleet, we employ five different models of Cessna aircraft, including the Cessna Citation CJ3, Cessna Citation Encore+, Cessna Citation Excel/XLS, Cessna Citation Sovereign, and the Cessna Citation X. Our Members have 24/7, unlimited access to each of these models and have the ability to select the aircraft best suited for their trip.


Freedom to create your schedule and not be limited by the departures and arrival times of major airlines is non-negotiable when it comes to private jet flights. From departure time to luggage and catering, there are numerous aspects that need to be planned and arranged. Having the ability to exercise control over all aspects of your travel with ease and simplicity deeply enhances the private flight experience, as you create an ideal trip that is unique to your tastes and desires.

In order to streamline your experience as a private Jet Club Member, flyExclusive offers the Concierge App to our Members for elevated levels of access, communication, and control. Through the app, Members can book and manage all aspects of their flight from the device in their hand. Updating your transportation, baggage, passengers, and catering information no longer requires emails and calls that eat up valuable time. The app also notifies Members regarding delays and flight reminders as well as the capability to let your flight crew know your arrival time. Our Members experience a hassle-free, efficient process that’s designed to give passengers complete and comfortable private jet flights.

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When considering flying private, it is essential to consider your access to service, your range of choices to better fit your flight to your needs, and the amount of control you have over the entire trip. flyExclusive goes above and beyond to ensure you are comfortable for the entire duration. This is done without compromising safety, as flyExclusive has earned the ARG/US Platinum and the Wyvern Wingman certifications, and without adding more hurdles for you as a Member to overcome. Private flights should be custom-made for guests from the moment planning beings, and with flyExclusive, they are. Visit our website to learn more about our Jet Club Membership and how you can join the premier private flight experience.

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