What To Know About Jet Maintenance

If you are actively debating whether or not purchasing a private jet is right for you, there are several maintenance aspects that should be kept in mind.

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While considering purchasing a private jet, the pressure of sorting out financing, storing, and fueling the aircraft can result in other long-term logistics being forgotten. This includes maintenance and its associated costs. Aircraft, like any other vehicle, require routine maintenance that must be performed regularly to maintain safe and smooth travels. If you are actively debating whether or not purchasing a private jet is right for you, there are several maintenance aspects that should be kept in mind.

Equipment Maintenance

Arguably the most vital component of maintenance is the upkeep of the equipment that is essential to the operation of the jet. This includes objects such as engines and landing gear. When flying as a member of flyExclusive’s Private Jet Club, every time an aircraft takes to the sky, your certified pilot at flyExclusive verifies that the aircraft is in perfect working condition to ensure optimal safety. Our diligence is due to the fact that every hour a jet spends flying it is encountering routine wear and tear.

When determining the frequency of jet engine maintenance, the aircraft manufacturer should specify the appropriate interval. For example, if you have purchased a Citation X, Cessna should have documentation outlining the recommended maintenance program for your make and model of private jet. As your aircraft logs flight hours, the inspections of the equipment will get more invasive. For instance, early inspections may only involve checking for leaking fluid or corrosion. However, as your aircraft nears the hundreds or thousands of hours, maintenance inspections may involve complete disassembly by FAA certified mechanics. These more in-depth maintenance procedures are critical, as they examine the core turbines as well as ensure that areas of the engine that experience extreme heat are intact.

This is similar to the process that landing gear must undergo. As your aircraft undergoes numerous takeoffs and landings, it is necessary to have increasingly invasive inspections. At flyExclusive, our fully vetted SMS program can conduct these inspections on-premise to ensure the utmost safety on every Private Jet Club flight.

Exterior Maintenance

As your jet spends more time in the air, the exterior coating and paint will become chipped and scratched. To enhance the visual appeal of the plane, it is necessary to repaint every few years. However, to create a visually appealing and consistent finish, the original coating must be stripped and the jet must be re-primed. This can be done at an MRO facility, such as the one owned and operated by flyExclusive. Our facility allows us the ability to create premium exterior designs with significantly reduced downtime, resulting in a uniform and aesthetically pleasing flying fleet.

Interior Maintenance

Just as your aircraft’s exterior experiences damage from use, the interior can show significant signs of wear the more you fly. Torn and chafed seating, stains, rips, and numerous other blemishes can plague the visual appeal of your aircraft. Similar to exterior painting, your interior should be refurbished around every five to seven years, with refurbishment within the last two years providing the most pleasant private flight experience.

An advantage of the flyExclusive Jet Club Membership, as it pertains to the interior maintenance of private jets, is that our state-of-the-art renovation facility allows us to perform complete interior overhauls. Our work with major aircraft manufacturers creates private flights that excel in both comfort and style. In conjunction with our broad selection of features, colors, and carpeting, our Citation fleet is guaranteed to have something that appeals to everyone.


Between routine maintenance and unforeseen accidents, any given year could see maintenance costs eclipse seven figures. When adding in the costs of refurbishment and the in-depth engine examinations, this figure can climb hundreds of thousands of dollars. Subscribing to the flyExclusive Jet Club Membership can save you money while still allowing you the freedom and control that an owner would experience. If you still are interested in purchasing your own private jet, though, flyExclusive is here to help you overcome those price tags.

The private jet leaseback program through flyExclusive allows you to lease your private jet for other private jet flights. When you partner with flyExclusive, your fixed, variable, and maintenance costs are all covered. Additionally, you will receive a net lease payment of up to 10% of the cost of the aircraft.

Private Jet Leaseback | flyExclusive

When considering your private flight options, it is essential that you consider maintenance costs. Not acknowledging these costs can result in millions of dollars of unexpected payments. Whether you decide to lease your aircraft through flyExclusive’s private jet leaseback program or decide to instead join our Private Jet Club, you can rest assured that you will have owner-like control over your flights and the premium private flight experience. For more information on our private jet leaseback program, visit our website today!

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