Why Cessna Citation?

Cessna Citation is considered the epitome of performance, safety, and luxury for manufacturers in the private jet industry.

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The jet industry is comprised of various manufacturers all excelling in their own specialties. However, one manufacturer, Cessna, is considered the epitome of performance, safety, and luxury for manufacturers in the private jet industry due to its long history of producing high-quality aircraft. This superiority has been maintained across their over 90 years in business designing and assembling everything from small single-engine propeller planes to larger and more popular jets in the Cessna Citation line such as the all-new Citation CJ3+. These top-of-the-line jets allow Cessna and their operators to meet the needs of a diverse customer base. Additionally, Cessna is known for its excellent customer support and maintenance services, which help to ensure the longevity and safety of its aircraft. It also ensures their spot among flyExclusive’s expansive fleet of jets.

Cessna Citation

The Cessna Citation line of jets is a series of small to midsize business jets produced by Cessna. These jets are known for their efficiency, comfort, and performance, making them a popular choice for business travel and personal use. The Citation line includes several different models such as the Citation Encore, Citation CJ3+, and Citation XLS+ which can accommodate between four and 8 passengers. The Citation line of jets is also known for its reliability and efficiency making any of the aircraft perfect for any travel plan. Plus, with their unmatched performance, passengers flying through their Fractional Jet Ownership are ensured a customized and luxurious flight each time they fly.

Citation CJ3+

The Cessna Citation CJ3+ is a light jet produced by Cessna. The CJ3+ is a versatile aircraft that can be used for a variety of reasons, from personal travel using fractional jet ownership to corporate transportation. Its comfortable cabin can seat up to six passengers and features such as a fully-enclosed lavatory and refreshment center. It also has a range of around 2,040 nautical miles, which allows the jet to fly nonstop on many popular business routes. The CJ3+ is powered by two Williams International FJ44-3A engines, which provide a high-speed cruise of up to 416 knots and a maximum altitude of 45,000 feet. Additionally, the CJ3+ has advanced avionics and navigation systems, which provide pilots with the information they need to keep everyone on board safe and secure.

Cessna Fractional Jet Ownership | flyExclusive

At flyExclusive we understand the importance of having a quality aircraft each time you fly. That’s why our fleet is filled with a variety of Cessna-manufactured jets in all sizes. It’s also why we make that same fleet available on our revolutionary Fractional Jet Ownership model. Simply choose a level of commitment and experience unparalleled luxury, safety, and reliability. At flyExclusive we make it our mission to ensure to make each experience with us is better than the last. From the moment you book to even after you touch down, our team of aviation experts is here to provide you with everything you need to reach your destination. To learn more about our fleet or Fractional Ownership model visit our website today.

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