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Eastern North Carolina has become a haven for business. The culture, economic standards, and opportunity in the area have caused this to be a destination for those looking for opportunity, especially in private jet jobs.

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Eastern North Carolina has become a haven for business. The culture, economic standards, and opportunity in the area have caused this to be a destination for those looking for opportunity. Since 2018, hundreds of thousands of people have moved to Eastern North Carolina for those exact reasons. Cities such as Greenville, Fayetteville, and Kinston have capitalized on this emerging shift, however none more than Kinston, flyExclusive, and the offering of private jet jobs.

Kinston, North Carolina

Kinston has been one of the major cities in Eastern North Carolina for hundreds of years. The city has seen regular revivals that have allowed it to prosper in a variety of industries including music, agriculture, and manufacturing. This latest revival has allowed this quaint city of almost 20,000, to see a shift towards modern manufacturing, aerospace, healthcare, and education.

North Carolina Global Transpark located in Kinston, North Carolina

Kinston Business

Kinston’s focus on being a hub for business in Eastern North Carolina has been a driving factor in a variety of industries calling the city home. Industries such as aerospace, manufacturing, healthcare, and education have brought countless opportunities to those living in the Kinston metro area.

In the aerospace field, Kinston became home to the North Carolina Global Transpark, which houses major aerospace, security, and healthcare corporations. This includes flyExclusive, a premier private aviation company with the fourth largest fleet in the industry. This Transpark’s inclusion of an airport allows goods to be easily imported and exported for the industries it serves, as well as offers numerous private jet jobs to those in surrounding areas.

Manufacturing has been a long-time staple in the economy of Kinston. In recent years, major corporations including Fortune 500 organizations such as Dupont, have placed a hub in the Lenoir County area. Furthermore, major home-good providers such as Masterbrand Cabinets, have invested in hiring those living in Kinston and surrounding cities.

Healthcare is a crucial need for any major area and Kinston provides some of the highest quality healthcare in the state. Kinston’s Lenoir Hospital is run by UNC Health systems and offers 199 beds for patients in the area. This large capacity has led to the hospital staffing over 100 health professionals along with a full staff of custodians, administrators, and more.

Last but not least, Kinston has invested in its future by investing in education. Lenoir Community College, LCC for short, is a two-year community college offering degrees in various fields of study. According to SmartAsset, LCC is ranked the seventh best community college in the nation for 2022. This improvement has led students of all ages to flock to the Eastern part of the state and bring their collective knowledge and experience to continue Kinston’s upward trends.

Kinston Arts and Culture

Kinston has been a destination for art and culture for decades. Whether it is visual art or music, Kinston’s deep history has been a breeding ground for creative experiences. It is also a major factor that Kinston possesses North Carolina’s largest Public Art Trail. This art trail includes a multitude of varying art styles, types, and artworks that capture the imagination of all that walk through it. Kinston also provides visitors and residents alike with numerous art galleries filled with work from local artists. The wildly different styles of art available provide a look into the cultural differences and outlooks of those living in the area. They also lay a visual blueprint for the African-American Music Trail and the incredible music to have come from Kinston in its illustrious history. Musicians of all types including jazz, R&B, funk, gospel, hymns, blues, and rap have called Kinston home and have used it as their muse within their compositions.

Kinston Food and Beverages

Kinston is often seen as “the jewel” in Eastern North Carolina’s food and beverage scene. The addition of the Chef and The Farmer run by celebrity chef Vivian Howard only provides validation to that statement. This southern-cuisine-based establishment has brought an influx of foodies to the area as it prides itself on authentic cooking with local ingredients. Using the local farmer’s market Kinston capitalizes on years of agricultural success. This access to local ingredients is also extremely prevalent in the beverage industries of the area. Kinston’s beer community is spotlighted by the master brewers at Mother Earth Brewing, while Social House Vodka provides a modern take on prohibition-era spirits.

Grainger Stadium home of the Down East Wood Ducks in Kinston, North Carolina

Kinston Activities

Though Kinston is on the smaller side in reference to cities across the nation, its access to entertainment is second to none. In the world of sports, the city is home to the Down East Wood Ducks, a semi-professional baseball team that focuses itself on family-oriented fun. Along with the Wood Ducks, Kinston is home to one of the only waterparks in Eastern North Carolina. Lion’s Adventure Waterpark provides acres of slides and other summer-focused attractions for all ages. Kinston’s Neuseway Nature Park, continues the outdoor experience by providing visitors and residents with pristine camping, animal interactions, and more.

Private Jet Jobs in Kinston

With Kinston being home to a variety of charming aspects, employment opportunity is another sizable draw to the area. While the healthcare offices, manufacturing plants, and numerous small businesses hold their own in employment ranking, flyExclusive, one of the largest private jet companies in the country, has quickly made its way into the top tier of employers within Lenoir County offering private jet jobs to hundreds over the past year. The rapid growth in business that 2021 brought, the private aviation company has begun to focus efforts on internal advancements for its employees, as well as external improvements to achieve elevated success rates year after year.

“A company like flyExclusive can offer employees something that employment in a major metro area can’t match: a chance for significance. I can’t wear my company polo running errands around Kinston without someone stopping me. They usually thank me for what our company is doing. People in the community have real connections to the business – many have family members working there – and are excited about the possibilities for changing the trajectory of this community” explained flyExclusive President and Chief Operating Officer, Tommy Sowers in his recent publication, “The Medicine Dying Rural America Needs.”

flyExclusive has an opportunity for anyone looking to work for a dynamic and innovative private aviation company. Our state-of-the-art MRO facilities offer aircraft maintenance jobs for those interested in beginning or continuing a career within the aviation maintenance industry and our ever-growing aircrew, as well as private pilot jobs for those who have a dedication to providing the safest and ultimate private jet experience for each of our Jet Club Members and guests.

Kinston, North Carolina | Home to flyExclusive Private Jet Jobs

flyExclusive is proud to be part of a tight-knit community with endless opportunities. Our unique hub in Kinston, North Carolina allows us to provide private travelers and others within the aviation industry across the nation a customized and curated experience regardless of the services being performed. It also provides flyExclusive with access to an incredible staff of aviation professionals and the ability to offer private jet jobs to novices and experts within the aviation industry to personalize your charter or Jet Club Membership to suit your needs. To learn more about Kinston and why we chose it as our local hub visit our website at www.flyexclusive.com.

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