Why Partial Ownership in a Large Fleet is Better for Fractional Plane Ownership

With the demand for private aviation solutions at an all-time high, Fractional plane ownership programs are on the rise. Rely on flyExclusive's floating fleet to ensure travel plans.

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With the demand for private aviation solutions at an all-time high, Fractional plane ownership programs are on the rise. Fractional ownership of a large private jet fleet is a wise investment for individuals and businesses seeking the ultimate Ownership experience in private air travel. With the limitations and regulation requirements accompanied by traditional ownership, Fractional Ownership in a large fleet offers an attractive alternative that benefits Owners. With the Citation CJ3+ hour share plans available to Owners, flyExclusive is the preferred choice for frequent travelers who value flexibility, exceptional comfort, and simplicity of private travel. Read on to learn more about the benefits available to you as part of a Fractional Ownership with the second-largest operator of Citation jets in the world.

More Flexibility to Meet Your Schedule

With no blackout dates and minimal peak days, Owners travel on their schedule without the typical constraints of traditional ownership or charter. Fractional Ownership with flyExclusive provides top-tier access to our complete fleet of Citation aircraft, expert pilot crew, maintenance technicians, and service team, all dedicated to providing the highest level of safety and service. Owners enjoy the same benefits from owning their specific jet and more with the removal of hiring and training crew members and additional operations regulations. flyExclusive allows you to enjoy the best parts of Fractional private jet fleet Ownership and leave the rest to our professionals.

Pinnacle Comfort and Style

Unlike other Fractional plane ownership models, flyExclusive provides Citation CJ3+ hour offerings within our Fractional Ownership. Owners simply determine the share plan that meets their frequent travel needs and enjoy seamless, world-class private jet travel onboard their CJ3+. Fly in style and comfort onboard the best-selling Citation jets in the air. As part of flyExclusive’s commitment to our culture of care, Owners gain access to the dedicated service team for flight specifications, preferences, and additional onboard amenities. From planning your flight to arriving at your destination, the service team works to ensure that Owners experience the highest level of care and customer satisfaction.

Unlimited Access, Guaranteed

The main benefit to Fractional plane ownership compared to a full traditional ownership model is the additional flexibility benefits included in the Fractional Ownership program. Gain immediate fleet access to our complete range of Light, Mid, Super-Mid, and Large cabin aircraft for your travel needs. flyExclusive’s ever-growing fleet of 90+ Citation jets means Owners never have to worry about travel limitations. Whether for business or leisure travel, flyExclusive's Fractional Ownership program delivers a premium private aviation experience that is both flexible and cost-effective.

Fly Like an Owner with flyExclusive Fractional Jet Ownership

Fractional Ownership of flyExclusive's large private jet fleet offers elevated comfort, style, and enhanced schedule flexibility, along with unlimited access to the entire fleet of Citation jets. The program delivers a highly flexible, cost-effective private aviation experience, shown by our commitment to minimal peak days and no blackout dates. Our expert pilots and committed service team ensure a premium experience with each flight. Visit our website for more benefits to a Fractional Ownership in a large fleet.

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