Mary's Kitchen

Mary's Kitchen

flyExclusive team members assist in serving lunches several times per month.

If you would like to support the flyExclusive cause for life-saving medical care with AeroAngel, please submit your information below to learn more how you can directly help.

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"Thank you all so much!!! This was a life changing and potential life saving flight for us. We are happy to share that Archer is recovering well at home after a wildly successful biventricle heart repair and 40 nights inpatient at Boston Children’s."

A cute kid sitting within private jet


"We had an amazing experience tonight with the flyExclusive pilots. They made the trip so easy and did such an amazing job helping us and streamlining the entire process. Jack is sound asleep at home and we’re so grateful to have you all in our corner as we navigate all of his medical care. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!"

A mother and child sitting within a Private Jet


"We are beyond thankful for our partnership with flyExclusive and their wonderful team who went above and beyond to make this flight happen. We also want to give a shout-out to the pilots who worked hard to make the trip extra special for Miles! Immense gratitude from our team for the combined efforts of all flyExclusive contributors! Again, to all donors and supporters around the globe, we can’t thank you enough! Miles is home safe and sound with his loving family for Easter. We couldn’t have done this without each and every one of you!"

A kid sitting in baby carriage within private jet


Meet one of our most recent passengers, little 2-year-old David who needed heart surgery scheduled at Boston Children's Hospital. Traveling on a commercial airline from St. Louis to Boston and back would introduce the chance of infection and further decompensation risk in his fragile medical condition. Flying on a private jet significantly reduced the risk of infection prior to his procedure, allowing for the best outcome possible for his recovery.

"We were so grateful for @flyexclusive_ making this flight possible and we could not have gotten little David and his parents to and from their home in St. Louis to Boston for his procedure without their help! Thank you so much once again @flyexclusive_ from our passengers and all of us at AeroAngel!"

family standing outside of private jet


Summer, a sweet 7-month-old baby girl, received an AeroAngel flight earlier this month and we are so grateful she is home safe and sound for the holidays. Thanks to our wonderful corporate partners at @flyexclusive_ for helping us bring Summer home from @bostonchildrens Hospital just in time for her to enjoy her first Christmas with her family!🏥✈️🎄

Thank you @summerz_mom for sharing your story🙏✨:
The best Christmas present I’ve ever received was an amazingly generous and safe flight home for the holidays with our medically fragile daughter, Summer. 🎄

Summer is seven months old and has #pulmonaryveinstenosis- an extremely rare congenital heart disease that has caused a secondary diagnosis of pulmonary hypertension.

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