The flyExclusive Fleet

The Cessna family of aircraft is renowned for its efficiency, reliability, safety and passenger appeal. Based on thousands of hours of flight data and 20+ years of owner/operator experience, the flyExclusive leadership team has curated a versatile fleet of Cessna Citation Encore, Citation Excel/XLS, Citation Sovereign and Citation X aircraft.

Breadth & Capability

15 Light Jets
28 Midsize Jets
12 Super-Mid Jets

Our Jets

Gulfstream GIV-SP
flyExclusive International charter service is-provided by our company Gulfstream GIV-SP aircraft.
Citation X
The Citation X is the most versatile aircraft in the fleet with an impressive combination of range, amenities, and speed.
Citation Sovereign
The Sovereign blends comfort, style and performance with its longer cabin, expansive luggage capacity, and extended range.
Citation Excel/XLS
The Excel/XLS is the staple of the fleet, providing ample cabin and storage space combined with excellent range.
Citation CJ3
The Citation CJ3 delivers exceptional reliability and performance without compromising productivity and comfort.
The Encore delivers an excellent light jet experience, flying longer distances, carrying a larger passenger count, and efficiently getting in and out of smaller destinations.

Air Carrier Certificate Number 3EJA805N