Aircraft Review: Cessna Citation Excel

Standing at nearly half of flyExclusive’s entire aircraft count, the Citation Excel/XLS is the staple of our fleet with its premier amenities and ability to travel the extra mile

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The Citation fleet of private jets is one of the finest lines of private aircraft available in the industry. With their background featuring consistent excellence, travel experience, and reputation for optimal reliability, our Citation fleet is the cornerstone of flyExclusive’s identity in private aviation. Standing at nearly half of flyExclusive’s entire aircraft count, the Citation Excel/XLS is the staple of our fleet with its premier amenities and ability to travel the extra mile. To learn more about the stunning Citation Excel, continue on.


The first Citation Excel flight occurred in February 1996. Production for the finalized model began in 1998, selling 371 deliveries in just over six years. The Excel was designed with a shortened Citation X stand-up fuselage and a lengthened Citation V wing, providing the private jet with faster speeds and a longer range. With these capabilities in mind, flyExclusive saw value in the strength and endurance of the Citation Excel. Let’s look a little more in detail at the highlights of this powerful private jet.



The Citation Excel features two Pratt & Whitney PW545A engines. These engines offer over 3,000 pounds of thrust and uses just over 200 gallons per hour. The Citation Excel climbs at 3,000 to 4,000 feet per minute at 250 KIAS. The Excel’s high-capacity carbon brakes allow for powerful braking capabilities beyond those of competitors. With a frame crafted from riveted, hot-bonded alloy and a lowered wing position, the exterior avoids drag for a smoother flight.


flyExclusive’s Interior Refurbishment team has begun the process of updating our Citation Excels to enhance the private flight experience for our Jet Club Membership holders. The renovation facility has access to a wide selection of color schemes, textures, and carpeting, providing passengers with a sleek feel that enhances their flight experience.

The Citation Excel can comfortably fit up to eight passengers within its spacious cabin, with plenty of room for storage and luggage. It also offers 90 cubic feet of luggage storage, so there’s no need to sacrifice what you pack to save room.


The Citation Excel offers wifi for passengers, making the private jet ideal for business meetings while in the air. flyExclusive’s fleet of Citation Excels are also pet friendly, so you don’t have to leave your furry friend at home while you’re away. flyExclusive’s mission is to exceed your expectations while aboard our range of premium private Citation jets.

Is the Citation Excel Right for You?

If you’re searching for a luxury midsize jet that can carry you and your closest friends and family to your next vacation, this jet is for you. The Citation Excel is among the finest private jets available to you, and as a Jet Club Member, the amenities increase by tenfold. With the combination of the speed, space, and reliability of the Citation Excel, you’ll be on your way to your next travel destination in no time with flyExclusive.

flyExclusive | Gain Access To Our Citation Fleet With Our Jet Club Membership

flyExclusive is the leader in premier private jet flights service for you and your family. With flyExclusive’s broad range of Citation jets within our floating fleet, we have a private jet to meet every need and accommodations to make your flight tailored to your specifications. Committed to excellence and providing each Jet Club Member with the liberties and insights of an owner, we guarantee that you’ve never experienced private jet flights like flyExclusive. For more information on the Citation Excel and our other private jets on our Citation fleet, visit our website.

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