Aircraft Review: CJ3+

Unlock the world of possibilities with aircraft timeshares in a brand-new Cessna Citation CJ3+ through flyExclusive Fractional jet ownership.

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The Citation family of private jets is one of the finest lines of aircraft available in the industry. The Cessna Citation CJ3+ aircraft, included in the lineup, provides nothing short of superior, unparalleled reliability without sacrificing productivity and comfort. For private travelers that fly over 40 hours a year, unlock the world of possibilities with aircraft timeshares in a brand-new Cessna Citation CJ3+ through flyExclusive Fractional ownership. Continue reading to learn about the standard features of a Citation CJ3+ that go above and beyond the competition.


The Cessna Citation CJ3 is a variant of the light business jet Citation family that was first unveiled in 2002. flyExclusive currently owns and operates 12 of the exceptional aircraft, delivering reliability and performance without compromising productivity and comfort. The latest version of the Citation CJ3, the CJ3+, was certified by the FAA in April of 2014 and comes equipped with advanced avionics. The Cessna CJ3+ presents the perfect combination of range, speed and operating economics granting travelers elite ability in small and occupied airports.


The Citation CJ3+ allows up to six passenger seating configurations with 65 cubic feet of baggage area in the cabin grants passengers additional articulating features as well as a more modern look. The spacious cabin, which is over fifteen and a half feet long, still leaves you and your passengers plenty of room for work or play on your private flights. With your  Fractional jet ownership of a CJ3+ aircraft through flyExclusive, owners can easily bring aboard family members, friends, as well as pets, ensuring all of your loved ones are able to experience the superior travel abilities. Additionally, with flyExclusive’s Fractional jet ownership, we maintain the interior of your aircraft so that you always are flying in pristine conditions. Beyond this, your CJ3+ jet will be fitted with in-flight wifi, ensuring that you’re connected no matter where you go.


The exterior of the Citation CJ3+ is fitted with two FJ44-3A engines. These two  produce nearly 2,900 pounds-force a piece, resulting in impressive capabilities for a Light Jet compared to others in the category. Equipped with those engines, the aircraft can climb to an altitude of 45,000 feet. With a cruise speed of around 480 miles per hour and a range of up to 1,374 nautical miles, your fractional private jet ownership results in you having the ability to travel anywhere at any time. The CJ3+ light jet has the ability to reach quaint airports, ensuring ease of travel.

Jet Share Ownership | flyExclusive

Fractional jet ownership of a Citation CJ3+ jet with flyExclusive is a perfect option for buyers who are looking for the control associated with being an owner without having to take full responsibility for the aircraft. With flyExclusive, you can avoid paying many of the fees associated with full ownership of a private jet. By avoiding positioning fees, daily minimums, and monthly management fees you can save large amounts of money while maintaining the freedom of flying where you want when you want. With partial ownership, you get full access to flyExclusive’s floating fleet as well as access to our customization options for each and every one of your trips. From ground transportation plans, choosing departure days and times, selecting your favorite in-flight catering, and more, flyExclusive ensures that with your private jet fractional ownership you get to experience flight like an owner. To learn more about flyExclusive’s fractional ownership just visit our website today!

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