Benefits of Paying with Crypto for Private Jet Memberships

Purchasing a private jet club membership using crypto ensures you get the benefit of luxury on your financial terms.

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The concept of an open market exchange of goods and services for a central currency has been common practice for millennia. However, a new concept known as cryptocurrency has begun to infiltrate modern-day life. Bitcoin, the original and most commonly known of the cryptocurrencies was created in 2009 and had an initial value of fewer than nine cents. Over the past thirteen years, the value of not only bitcoin but its competitors have skyrocketed as the popularity of a decentralized currency becomes mainstream. The lower transaction cost and security make travel with crypto a modern-day reality. Purchasing a private jet club membership using crypto ensures you get the benefit of luxury on your financial terms.

Transaction Cost

Every purchase has a secondary transaction cost. These costs are often overlooked however, they can add up. Costs such as payment processing fees and international transaction fees can make travel costly. When you buy flights with crypto you can escape the ever-increasing costs of processing fees. On average crypto, purchasing fees are lower than similar fees from tried and true financial institutions such as credit cards which can reach upwards of 5% of the purchase amount. While traveling internationally the financial savings of using crypto can be seen when compared to foreign exchange rates. As crypto is decentralized the price of purchasing it is even throughout the world and accepted globally. For those traveling frequently using a private jet club membership choosing to travel with crypto reduces both the hidden domestic purchase fees as well as the foreign exchange rate fees.


While the idea of a decentralized currency can be seen as a less secure form of conducting business, the progress made in the past decade in cybersecurity has made crypto a valid option in the modern-day. The biggest protection cryptocurrency offers is the security of a protected wallet. Even with a data breach crypto makes the transfer of funds difficult to produce without leaving a trace. Anyone can look up transaction data, including where, when, and how much of a cryptocurrency someone sent from a wallet address. This traceability ensures when you buy flights with crypto your purchase is visible and protected by the blockchain. However, even with public purchases as you don't have to register for an account with a financial institution to transact using cryptocurrency, you can maintain privacy in your wallet.

Travel With Crypto With flyExclusive

At flyExclusive we strive to provide modern amenities before you ever step on one of our aircraft. That’s why we pride ourselves on being one of the first Jet Clubs that allows you to buy flights with crypto. Using BitPay you can join our premier Jet Club and experience our expansive fleet and knowledgeable staff which offers around-the-clock luxury treatments. Our mission is to get you to your destination quickly, efficiently, and most importantly safely. Our top-of-the-line aircraft are designed with luxury in mind. Members of the flyExclusive Jet Club get ownership perks without the ownership headaches. Click here for more information request a brochure using the link below.

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