Comprehensive Guide to Purchasing Your Fractional Jet Share

Fractional aircraft ownership allows an intended buyer to purchase a share in a private jet, providing a plethora of benefits that puts the power of ownership in the hands of the flyer.

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Throughout the aviation industry, a shift in private jet travel has occurred. This shift has brought new flight models, such as fractional ownership, which has opened new options to those looking to own a private jet. Fractional aircraft ownership allows an intended buyer to purchase a share in a private jet, giving them access to the aircraft for a certain number of hours per year. This can be a convenient and cost-effective way to fly privately, as it allows travelers to avoid the upfront cost and ongoing expenses of owning their own jet. From fleet management with an in-house MRO team to potential tax benefits for buyers, flyExclusive alternative aircraft ownership solutions provides a plethora of benefits that puts the power of ownership in the hands of the flyer.

The Size And Type of Aircraft

Different fractional aircraft ownership programs offer access to different types of aircraft, from small turboprops to large long-range jets. Considering the size and type of aircraft that will best meet the intended use is crucial prior to signing a commitment. For those who need to decide on needs on the go, choose the option that offers access to the entire fleet offered rather than one specific aircraft, such as flyExclusive’s Fractional Ownership program. Our expansive fleet is stocked with a perfect blend of light, mid, and super-mid-sized jets to allow Owners the flexibility to fly to their intended destination without unnecessary stops and layovers.

The Length of The Commitment

Different aircraft ownership solutions typically require a commitment at some level. Consider the length of the commitment carefully, as travel needs may change over time. For those expecting their needs to change, signing on to a shorter commitment allows Owners to adjust based on their needs sooner. At flyExclusive, Owners are met with the ability to fly with a simple yearly commitment allowing them to change their needs as they go.

The Number of Hours Included

Fractional jet share programs typically include a certain number of flight hours per year. Prior to looking into programs available on the market today, consider how many hours will be needed throughout the year or the life of the commitment. Once you have an estimated amount of flight hours, look into what options are available if you were to exceed your allotted hours. With flyExclusive, Owners have the flexibility to grow their needs on the go. With options including 50, 75, and 100 hours, Owners can choose the right option for them without worrying about adding hours if needed.

The Cost And Fees

Fractional jet share programs can vary greatly in cost. Understanding the total cost and any additional fees included in the commitment before making a decision can ensure the option makes sense in the long run. Costs such as initial investment, flight-by-flight costs, and more should all be considered. At flyExclusive, Owners are met with an easy-to-understand pricing structure including a lower-entry access investment and no daily minimums or positioning fees. Furthermore, a fractional aircraft ownership commitment can provide Owners with the tax benefits of a full owner.

The Reputation of The Provider

Doing some research on the provider of the fractional jet share program during the consideration period is a crucial final step to choosing a fractional aircraft ownership commitment. While this may seem elementary, customer reviews and client references are often a powerful way to learn about the provider, their fleet, and overall safety standards. At flyExclusive, safety is never an afterthought. Owners are provided jets maintained by an in-house MRO team above industry standards. Lastly, each pilot under the flyExclusive umbrella has unmatched experience flying each category of aircraft in the fleet.

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Overall, purchasing a fractional jet share can be a convenient and cost-effective way to fly privately. Ensuring the proper research is being done and all information is carefully considered can lead you to the right decision for you. At flyExclusive, our aim is to be your go-to Fractional Aircraft Ownership partner. This is why we offer unparalleled access to our expansive fleet of Cessna jets, in a three-tier pricing system, with no monthly management fees, no blackout dates, and minimal peak days. Our team of aviation experts has years of experience matching flyers with the right hour-level commitment for their needs. To learn how does fractional aircraft ownership work with flyExclusive visit our website today.

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