First Time Flyer Guide for a Private Jet Flight

Many utilize flying aboard a flyExclusive private jet flight as an essential tool for safe and efficient travel.

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Deciding to take the leap and book a private jet flight to transport you to your destination is a celebration in itself. From offering on-demand travel aboard an incredible fleet of 75+ Cessna aircraft for vacation and business travel, to providing industry-leading technologies within the aviation field to better serve Members and guests, private aviation through flyExclusive serves many important roles. Above all, many utilize private jets as an essential tool for safe and efficient travel. However, a first-time flyer may not be familiar with all the ways you can use private aviation, or how to navigate private travel spaces.

As the fifth-largest private jet operator in the United States and the second-largest owner of Cessna Citation jets in the world, flyExclusive is today’s discerning traveler’s operator of choice. flyExclusive leverages our decades of operational experience, industry knowledge, expertise in fleet logistics, and personal touch to deliver a premium experience, every time you fly. Whether you are a novice to the world of private aviation or have been a Jet Club Member for years, you can trust flyExclusive’s commitment to serving your lifestyle and the moments that matter consistently.

Why Fly Private?

Many ponder the decision on whether to fly private or to board a commercial flight. However, the decision should be simple. With flyExclusive, flying to any destination is a premium experience. Whether you’re flying for a vacation get-away, to visit loved ones, or handle business, flying exclusively aboard flyExclusive's floating fleet of 75+ aircraft unveils the luxury of private travel. As safety and service are at the forefront for many, private jets are becoming popular among frequent travelers, entrepreneurs, and families.

Is it Safe to Fly Aboard a Private Jet?

Unmatched Levels of Cleanliness and Consistency

Opting to fly aboard a high-performance aircraft for cross-country trips or shorter legs eliminates the stress and hassle that comes with traveling commercially and provides safety and consistency. Members and guests can avoid the hundreds of touchpoints passengers face in overcrowded airports and maxed-out flights. Flying aboard a private jet flight, you'll have the ability to board your jet just minutes after leaving your personal vehicle.

Flying private with flyExclusive also means that your flight is customized for you and your private flight experience. To ensure passengers board a pristine, mission-ready aircraft, surfaces are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected before and after each flight. On-board flight crew constantly sport HSA & FSA approved face coverings as well as hand coverage. All while regular testing and strict exposure isolation guidelines are enforced. Embark on your travels experiencing the highest safety ratings in the industry by flying private with flyExclusive.

Demonstrating Aviation's Best Safety Practices

Collectively, the pilots at flyExclusive have totaled over 30,000 hours of flying and continuously exceed all Federal Aviation Administration safety standards year over year. Since 2017, our fleet of over 75 Cessna and Gulfstream aircraft have earned the highest safety achievement, Platinum Rating, from ARG/US and Wyvern Wingman rating.

Every flyExclusive pilot undergoes rigorous training in full-motion flight simulators annually at state-of-the-art facilities operated by CAE Simuflite and FlightSafety International and is tested again every six months for additional safety precautions. Comprehensive ground training and emergency procedures testing are also part of ensuring flyExclusive crews are reactive and ready in any case of emergency.

For our fleet itself, flyExclusive operates a fully vetted Safety Management System program and conducts on-premise maintenance, deploys mobile maintenance resources, and works collaboratively with Cessna to deliver high-quality aircraft, safety, and reliability to customers. Being the only Part 135 Operator with the ability to update and perform maintenance on our aircraft, flyExclusive ensures optimum safety levels aboard every aircraft in our fleet.

What Can I Expect After Booking a Flight?

Once a private jet flight with flyExclusive has been booked, Jet Club Members and guests can expect open communication on preferred amenities, flight details, and other information. Our team of professionals will continuously keep you in the loop with updates, confirmations, and reminders to ensure that the entire travel process is as seamless as possible. For those who appreciate additional personalization, our Jet Club Membership offers all flyExclusive Jet Club communication to be handled through our Jet Club Concierge app. Members can update pilots on their estimated time of arrival, something else the app allows them to do, and much more.

Book a Private Jet Flight with flyExclusive

flyExclusive proudly fulfills a mission of providing high quality, safe, and reliable point-to-point private jet travel at industry-leading levels of affordability, accessibility, and client satisfaction. With Fortune 500 recognition, full access to a growing fleet of highly desirable company-owned aircraft, 24/7 nationwide flight operations, personalized customer service, and decades of experience as operators and innovators—the flyExclusive team is a robust aviation partner you can trust. Interested in booking your first private jet flight aboard our fleet? Visit our website to dive into the premium world of private flying and request more information today. We look forward to serving you on your next flight.

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