Fly With a 7 to 1 Aircraft to Private Jet Club Member Ratio

With an outstanding 7 to 1 aircraft to private Jet Club Member ratio, flyExclusive's Jet Club Membership soars above the rest in ensuring each flight is the ultimate private jet experience.

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Private jet clubs are becoming increasingly popular among travelers who want the convenience, luxury, and flexibility that come with using a private jet. However, in some cases, this fluctuation has caused many private jet companies to see an increase in users, while their fleet remains the same size, boasting a lackluster of 60:1 member to aircraft ratio. This can lead to high-traffic travel dates being blocked off, flight cancelations, and unnecessary added stress for the traveler. At flyExclusive, our owned and operated floating fleet of 90+ Cessna aircraft has enabled us to maintain a 99% completion rate through the busiest travel days of the year, by upholding an incredible 7 to 1, Jet Club Member to aircraft ratio. This ensures every Member has access to their choice of aircraft and flight specifications 24/7, 365 days a year.

7 to 1 Member to Aircraft Ratio

Rated as the best jet card program 2022, flyExclusive’s private Jet Club Membership is exclusively designed for our Members to have the utmost access, choice, and control when flying private. This level of dedication to our Members means that regardless of the time of year, and the current travel trends, flyExclusive provides Members with personalized private jet services that cater to their comfort and preferences. flyExclusive is able to support these claims not only by honing in on these efforts and advancing operational excellence, but also by introducing an additional 18 luxury aircraft to our owned and operated fleet, including the Citation CJ3, Excel, Sovereign, and X in 2022. This impressive amount of growth and appeal is what led flyExclusive to officially be announced as one of the nation's top five largest private jet operators, and the second largest Citation operator in the world. By combining these efforts, flyExclusive is able to keep aircraft on the go for longer periods of time, resulting in more flights and more passengers being able to be flown than other private jet companies.

Fleet of Luxury Cessna Aircraft

As the owner and operator of our own fleet of 90+ private jets, flyExclusive is able to guarantee each aircraft is equipped with the most modern-day technology and updated interiors available solely for our Member's and guests’ comfort and safety. Owning and operating a fleet allows for more customizability, ensuring a consistently high level of quality and reliability for our Jet Club Members and guests. Our aircraft, including the Citation Encore, Citation CJ3, Citation Excel/XLS, Citation Sovereign, and Citation X, are carefully selected to provide versatility and accommodate a range of travel needs while maintaining a consistent onboard experience throughout. No matter the aircraft selected for travel, Members and guests can expect nothing less than a luxurious, comfortable and reliable trip, where the aircraft feels like it’s your own.

Vertical Integration

In ensuring our Members and guests feel like Owners when they are aboard the aircraft, flyExclusive has developed into a vertically integrated private jet operator, being one of the first private jet companies in the industry to do so. As flyExclusive continues to grow, and industry standards evolve, there was no better way to support the ongoing aircraft maintenance and flight operations than to bring it all in-house. flyExclusive’s MRO capabilities allow for every aircraft in our owned and operated fleet to be restored and updated in one of the three maintenance, repair, and overhaul hangars located at flyExclusive’s headquarters in Kinston, North Carolina. While all of this could be done through third-party entities, flyExclusive is able to ensure our elevated offerings and deliverables are sustained by keeping operations all under one roof, resulting in the ultimate private jet experience for all Members and guests aboard.

flyExclusive | Private Jet Club

At flyExclusive, our goal is to provide our Members with the best private jets in the industry. We offer a variety of Cessna aircraft sizes to choose from, ensuring our Members and guests have ample aircraft options that suit their specific travel needs. We pride ourselves on maintaining a modern and consistent fleet, fitted with state-of-the-art technology installed by our very own MRO services, allowing travelers to relax and enjoy the luxurious experience of flying with flyExclusive. Additionally, our ratio of seven members to every aircraft enables us to ensure each private Jet Club Member is provided with the ultimate private jet experience. To learn more about flyExclusive’s simple yet rewarding Jet Club Membership, or to begin building your club today, visit our website.

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