flyExclusive Offers Crypto Private Jet Partnerships

The increasing power and reach of technology have led to another form of currency that has become a hot-button conversation throughout the business world.

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The financial world has seen a drastic change in landscape. The increasing power and reach of technology have led to another form of currency that has become a hot-button conversation throughout the business world. Cryptocurrency, much like traditional currency, comes in a variety of denotations. As crypto quickly becomes a norm, businesses have begun taking this currency as payment. At flyExclusive we are pioneering the Jet Club membership model by officially accepting membership down payments using crypto.

Why Use Crypto

Cryptocurrency has always had a stigma of it being a risky investment due to its decentralized nature. While all country-based currency is backed by a physical value stemming from a valuable material such as gold and silver, crypto’s value is non-tangible. However, it is the decentralized nature that has currently made crypto increasingly useful. As war rages in eastern Europe, the currencies of countries involved such as Russia have seen an unprecedented loss in worth compared to those of other nations. As the warring countries scramble for financial assistance, payments from allied countries have poured in through the use of crypto. The financial security of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ether has made purchasing goods and services easier even in uncertain times. In addition, when dealing with international purchases, the decentralized unified value of crypto ensures even expenditures no matter the location. This means that when you travel with crypto you can safely monitor your spending without the worry of international exchange rates. It also ensures no foreign banking and transaction fees.

How to Travel with Crypto

Purchasing goods and services with crypto is as simple as clicking a button. The first step is setting up your “crypto wallet” through services such as BitPay. This much like a regular wallet allows you to store your cryptocurrency in a safe centralized and most importantly accessible location. Once your wallet is set with your cryptocurrency, you can make purchases. Simply visit the website or business you would like to purchase from and choose the crypto option. This will open a payment gateway that you can enter your information and payment through much like a credit card or PayPal purchase.

How To Join FlyExclusive Jet Club With Crypto

FlyExclusive is proud to announce we just sold our first Jet Club membership using crypto. Much like other services crypto private jet partnerships with flyExclusive are easy to sign up for. Simply speak with one of our sales representatives to learn more about our Jet Club membership options. Once you find the right membership option for you, we will send you the aforementioned secure BitPay portal. Then you just pay as you would with any other crypto purchase and enjoy the countless benefits of being a flyExclusive Jet Club Member.

FlyExclusive Crypto Private Jet Partnerships

Crypto is no longer the currency of the future, it's the currency of today. At flyExclusive we strive to provide modern amenities before you ever step on one of our aircraft. That’s why we pride ourselves on being one of the first Jet Clubs to offer crypto private jet partnerships. Using BitPay you can join our premier Jet Club and travel with crypto. Experience our expansive fleet and knowledgeable staff around the clock to get you to your destination quickly, efficiently, and most importantly safely. Our top-of-the-line aircraft are designed with luxury in mind. Members of the flyExclusive Jet Club get ownership perks without the ownership headaches. Click here for more information request a brochure using the link below.

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