flyExclusive Ranked 4th Largest Part 135 Operator

flyExclusive is eager to announce that over the past year, we have grown to be the fourth largest Part 135 operator in the aviation industry.

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flyExclusive is eager to announce that over the past year, we have grown to be the fourth largest Part 135 operator in the aviation industry. Through our continued efforts in keeping our passengers safe, flyExclusive has been able to expand tremendously year over year, breaking various company and industry-wide records. This growth has allowed us to have made the jump from seventh place in 2020 to spot number four in 2022. In our new ranking, Members and guests can expect the same levels of industry-leading innovation and a premium travel experience aboard our top safety-rated jet charter flights.

What is a Part 135 Operator?

A Part 135 Operator is an aircraft operator that provides commercial flights that aren’t scheduled. This can include any chartered private jet flights or air taxi flights. To become a Part 135 operator the company must have a team fully specialized in safety ordinances. This dedicated staff must include a chief pilot, a maintenance manager, and lastly an operations manager. Each member of Part 135 required staff must go through rigorous training on a regular basis to maintain top safety-rated jet charter standards. Furthermore, the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) requires Part 135 operators to possess a flight-following system to track all flights and all inflight operations that ensure the passenger's safety. Lastly, operators are required to regularly have their aircraft monitored to ensure they match industry safety regulations. Unlike other certifications, a Part 135 operator’s aircraft must be inspected by a dedicated third-party organization.

How flyExclusive Improved

Moving up three spots to make flyExclusive the fourth largest Part 135 operator wasn’t easy. However, with the help of our experienced staff and loyal Jet Club Members, we were able to complete over 43,000 hours of flying in 2021. This impressive tally resulted in a 75 percent increase over the year prior. This increase in flight time was spearheaded by a 150 percent increase in new Jet Club Members. Our increase in amenities and availability on the passenger’s terms has allowed us to continue to fly our Members and guests to their destination safely in a time when other operators are facing decreases and hardship.

flyExclusive Your Part 135 Top Safety Rated Jet Charter

flyExclusive invites you to enjoy the amenities of flying private with our exclusive Jet Club Membership. With the help of our dedicated Member Services Team that pays special attention to every detail of your flight, flyExclusive can provide you with safe Jet club flights curated to ensure the optimal experience for you and your family. Enjoy your flight to one of our countless destinations with the help of flyExclusive. Discover how you can experience the highest standards of safety, convenience, and comfortability with our Private flight Club Membership by visiting our website.