flyExclusive's Top 5 Most Visited Destinations in 2021

With the loosening of travel restrictions and the establishment of a new normal in the times of COVID-19, private flights with flyExclusive became even more accessible to our Jet Club Members.

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In honor of the new year, flyExclusive wants to revisit our top five travel destinations in 2021. With the loosening of travel restrictions and the establishment of a new normal in the times of COVID-19, private flights with flyExclusive became even more accessible to our Jet Club Members. In 2021, flyExclusive continued our commitment to providing our Members with safe private flights through individualized accommodations, customized flight times, access to our ever-growing fleet of Citation luxury jets, and ease of accessibility through our Member Concierge App. Read on to learn more about our most traveled destinations within the past year.

Teterboro, New Jersey

Teterboro, New Jersey is the number one most traveled destination for flyExclusive. As one of the most popular connection airports from the southern U.S. to New York City, Teterboro is a key destination spot for business travelers. Teterboro Airport is the oldest operating airport in the New York metropolitan area, opening in 1919. Teterboro, New Jersey not only houses the oldest airport in the New York region, however. The Teterboro Airport is a reliever airport designed for smaller private jet flights. Teterboro Airport’s purpose surrounds providing private flyers with a place to land safely and promptly, removing passengers from the congestion of regional air traffic that would increase congestion at the commercial airports.

Being just over 10 miles outside of midtown Manhattan, the travel possibilities are endless. See the sights in one of the most diverse cities in America, taste flavors from around the world while dining in locally-owned restaurants, and shop at Fifth Avenue and SoHo for the latest designer styles with a private flight to Teterboro, New Jersey. With flyExclusive, our Jet Club Membership is designed to take you to where you need to go with enhanced access and control.

West Palm Beach, Florida

Whether you’re heading for the beach, the golf green, off-shore fishing, high-end fashion, or one-of-a-kind dining, flyExclusive is prepared to provide you with your safe private jet flight to West Palm Beach, Florida. West Palm Beach, Florida is known for the city’s year-round excitement and attractions that keep guests coming back. From the Broadway-quality shows and world-renowned art museum to the smooth-sand beaches and five-star luxury resorts, West Palm Beach offers a variety of accommodations to those looking for a sunny getaway any time of the year.

Naples, Florida

flyExclusive’s Jet Club Members head south in time for the winter months, and Naples, Florida was near the top of their list for places to go. December through March is known as Naples’ busy season, attracting travelers with the year-round warm temperatures that pair perfectly with the city’s rich culture, dining options, shopping variety, and golf resort selection. Trust flyExclusive to take you on your private flight to Naples, Florida this winter season.

White Plains, New York

Only a short 30-minute drive away from New York City, White Plains, New York is a great travel destination for a weekend getaway or business meeting destination. White Plains offers a wide variety of shopping, dining, and nature activities for those looking for things to do outside of New York City. For your next private flight to White Plains, New York, trust flyExclusive to get you to your destination safely and in style.

Bedford, Massachusetts

One of the most popular flights this year was the private flight to Bedford, Massachusetts. Right outside the bustling Boston downtown, Bedford, Massachusetts was our fifth most popular flight destination in 2021. Known as a corporate business epicenter, Boston is a frequent location for our corporate business clients. There’s much more to do in Boston, however. Enjoy the best views in Fenway Park, stroll about Boston’s numerous art and history museums, partake in the sprightly nightlife of the Theater District, shop the storefronts on Newbury street, and more.

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With flyExclusive, private travel becomes simple, safe, and personalized. Our Concierge App makes it easier than ever for Jet Club Members to book and manage a flight aboard one of our private flights. Our dedicated Member Services Team pays special attention to every detail to curate your experience. The next time you’re in search of a private flight to Florida, trust flyExclusive to take you there when, where, and how you prefer. Become a Member with flyExclusive today. With endless benefits, competitive rates, and access and control that grants you ownership-like qualities, flyExclusive is the way to fly private. Visit our website for more information about our Jet Club Membership and more.

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