How Does Fractional Jet Ownership Work?

flyExclusive is here to explain how does fractional jet ownership work to assist in the decision making process about going after an aircraft timeshare.

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Choosing between fractional ownership and full ownership of an aircraft can be a daunting choice. On one hand, you have the option to avoid a variety the upfront costs associated with private jet ownership. On the other hand, you are faced with the fear that by pursuing jet share programs, you will forfeit some of the freedoms that you have as a full owner. Luckily flyExclusive is here to explain how does fractional jet ownership work to assist in the decision making process about going after an aircraft timeshare.

What is fractional jet ownership?

Fractional jet ownership is very similar to other forms of timeshare ownership. Instead of taking on the full cost of the asset, you take on a portion and the remainder is handled by other buyers. In the flyExclusive fractional ownership program, you would be purchasing partial ownership over a Citation CJ3+ jet. The aircraft timeshares start at 40 hours per year, followed by 80-hour and 160-hour shares, with each one being related to how many hours the CJ3+ aircraft is yours to use.

What if my plane is unavailable?

With the smaller shares, you may be worried about exceeding your paid amount of time with the aircraft. Additionally, you may have concerns that your aircraft is being used by another timeshare owner at a time at which you need it. Luckily, with flyExclusive, you have full access to our Citation fleet. From Light to Midsize and Super-Mid jets, every plane is at your disposal with the private jet fractional ownership program.

Do I lose control over my flights?

When partnering with flyExclusive, your fractional jet ownership means that you retain full owner-like control over your flights. This means that you will be able to schedule your flights at any time on any day with reminders sent to ensure an on-time departure. Additionally, you will be able to schedule ground travel and places to stay for the duration of your trip through flyExclusive. Beyond this, your in-flight experience will also be customizable, even down to the refreshments that are served while you are in the air.

What advantages does Fractional jet ownership have?

The main advantage of fractional ownership is that you will be able to save on costs. For example, on average, storing a private jet after purchasing it can be around $3,000 monthly. With flyExclusive, not only do you not have to pay for the entire private jet, you can avoid paying monthly management fees, positioning fees, and daily minimums. This, coupled with flyExclusive’s ability to maintain the aircraft in our MRO facilities, means that you will face significantly fewer costs while still maintaining control over your travel and experience.

Fractional Jet Ownership | flyExclusive

Pursuing jet share programs can be a smart financial investment in addition to many other benefits. From having access to our entire Citation fleet to not having to worry about maintenance and storage of the aircraft, getting involved with flyExclusive Fractional is a brilliant move for any aircraft owner. To learn more about private jet ownership and to start building your fractional, visit our website today!