The Pros and Cons of Joining a Private Jet Club Membership

When shopping for a private jet card membership, potential customers should be aware of the differentiators in order to make the best decision.

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When shopping for a private jet card membership, potential customers may be aware of the cons associated with the decision, such as limited access options, financial downsides, and lack of safety features. At flyExclusive, we understand these concerns and strive to provide an alternative to the industry standard jet card. flyExclusive’s Jet Club Membership covers areas where other private jet card memberships may fall short.

Best of the Best Private Jet Membership Program

flyExclusive’s Jet Club Membership offers access to a fleet of meticulously-maintained aircraft staffed by highly-trained and certified pilots and equipped with the latest safety technology and procedures. We offer transparent payment options within our pricing structure, and our routes are tailored to meet the unique needs of our Members, ensuring that Jet Club Members have access to destinations of their choice. Our team dedicates each flight to providing a safe, reliable, and personalized experience. With flyExclusive, Members can be assured that their Jet Club Membership will exceed their expectations and provide you the luxury, convenience, and safety you desire. Read our Jet Club Membership Pros and Cons list, where we share how flyExclusive exceedingly compensates for corners cut by other jet card memberships on the market.

Jet Club Membership Safety Features

Jet Club Membership Competitor | Safety Cons

When considering a private jet club membership, consider the safety features that are offered. Ensuring the safety of your party may not be as top-of-mind for other jet card memberships on the market as you think. While private jet clubs often tout their luxury amenities and convenience, the safety features may not always be as prominent. For example, many private jet clubs do not have the pilot training and certification that meet commercial airline quality. Additionally, private jet clubs may not have the same level of maintenance and inspection requirements as commercial airlines, which may potentially compromise the safety of the aircraft. Furthermore, many private jet clubs do not possess safety equipment of the same quality and procedures in place as commercial airlines, such as emergency oxygen systems and evacuation plans. It's integral for customers to research and consider the safety features offered by a private jet club before making a decision, as safety should be a top priority when traveling. Take special care to find out if the club has certifications and safety standards they follow, ask about their insurance, and if they have any incident or accident records.

flyExclusive Jet Club Membership | Safety Pros

At the core of our mission, flyExclusive strives to produce a culture of care with every flight that we schedule. Members of our Jet Club Membership can fly confidently, knowing that each flight they take with flyExclusive is equipped with top-of-the-line aviation safety checks and procedures. Before Members even board the aircraft, the jet undergoes a thorough inspection by our certified pilots to ensure ultimate safety for all passengers and crew onboard. Additionally, the Member Services Team dedicates its time to planning Members’ trips, taking note of flight specifications, special requests, and Member preferences to ensure that each flight exceeds all expectations. flyExclusive offers the highest safety ratings in the industry with our impressive ARG/US Platinum and Wyvern Wingman certifications that further speaks to our fleet and crew’s commitment to safety. With these certifications in conjunction with our exceptional ranking above the industry’s standard in safety, we nest within the five percent of operators holding both certifications.

Jet Club Membership Pricing Structure

Jet Club Membership Competitor | Pricing Cons

Owning a private jet club membership can be a significant financial commitment. The initial cost of purchasing a membership can be quite high, and this is often just the start of the expenses associated with being a member. In addition to the initial cost, there are ongoing fees for things like aircraft maintenance, fuel, and hangar rental. Additionally, many private jet clubs have a minimum number of flight hours that members are required to fly each year, and if a member does not meet this requirement, they may be charged extra fees. Furthermore, the value of a private jet club membership may fluctuate depending on the current market conditions. Some members may not be able to resell their memberships for as much as they paid for them, which can be a financial loss. Therefore, it's important to consider the long-term financial downsides before deciding to purchase a private jet club membership.

flyExclusive Jet Club Membership | Pricing Pros

In comparison to other jet card memberships in the industry, flyExclusive operates under a unique pricing model to maximize Members’ savings. Members with flyExclusive’s Jet Club Membership gain exclusive access to competitive daily rates that compete alongside the most aggressive hourly rates in the industry, along with enhanced access and control only found with flyExclusive. Unlike most private jet cards, flyExclusive’s private Jet Clubs offer advanced flexibility so that you get the most out of your Membership. Members simply select the right Club tier for them that meets their flight needs. Members are never limited to their tier and can change program levels as their needs change. With a simple monthly membership and no hidden fees, flyExclusive’s Jet Club Membership provides Members unmatched savings and premium access.

Jet Club Membership Access Features

Jet Club Membership Competitor | Access Cons

When owning a private jet club membership, members may experience limited access options. Private jet clubs typically operate with a fleet of aircraft shared among members, and the availability of these aircraft may be limited. This means that members may not always have access to a jet upon request and may have to plan their travel well in advance to secure a reservation. Additionally, private jet clubs may have specific routes they operate on, and members may not have access to destinations that are not on these routes. Furthermore, many private jet clubs have peak travel times when demand is high, and members may be unable to secure a reservation during these times. It's essential for members to consider these limitations when planning their travel and to understand that a private jet club membership does not guarantee access to a jet at all times. They should also consider if this is the right fit for their travel needs and preferences.

flyExclusive Jet Club Membership | Access Pros

As part of a Membership to the second largest owner of Cessna Citation jets in the world, Members never worry about access limitations. Unlike other jet card memberships, flyExclusive offers our fleet of over 90 Citation aircraft at a 7:1 Member to Aircraft ratio. Members choose when, where, and which jet will take them there. In addition to unlimited access to flyExclusive’s fleet, Members enjoy peak comfort, featuring amenities including:

  • Airy and open cabin interiors
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Refreshments provided by our service staff

Within flyExclusive’s Jet Club Membership, Members fly with the highest standard of luxury through the work performed by our in-house Part 145 MRO facilities. Our state-of-the-art MRO facility acts as our commitment to making our aircraft feel like your own. The team of highly-specialized professionals works around the clock to perfect modern designs, advanced technology, and pinnacle comfort throughout each aircraft’s interior and exterior.

Truly Fly Like an Owner With flyExclusive’s Jet Club Membership

As one of the nation’s five largest private jet operators in the United States, flyExclusive is the traveler’s operator of choice for access, control, and simplicity. For frequent flyers who value world-class travel with an emphasis on customer satisfaction, there is no better Membership available today. Visit our website to discover how flyExclusive exceeds in comparison with our Jet Club Membership.

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