Understanding Fractional Jet Ownership Pricing

How much does fractional jet ownership cost? Understanding how the pricing model for flyExclusive's Fractional Jet Ownership works is the first surefire step to a successful jet-buying process.

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Fractional Jet Ownership has become increasingly popular for seasoned travelers. Costs associated with personal private jets can be daunting, but understanding the pricing structure of the Fractional Jet Ownership cost can be beneficial. Many traditional private jet ownerships have a set base price with many additional payments. Jet Fractional Ownership is a more straightforward solution to help resolve this problem. With this in mind, understanding what Fractional Jet Ownership is and the pricing model works is the first step to a successful ownership process.

What is Fractional Jet Ownership?

Fractional Jet Ownership is an ownership model that allows buyers to purchase private jet usage rather than the jet itself. By purchasing a fractional share with flyExclusive, you get a share in a brand new Citation CJ3+; as an added perk, the shareholder receives access to flyExclusive’s entire fleet of 90+. Citation CJ3+ Owners using this model would have the ability to choose between different size aircraft as needed for each trip. Furthermore, Fractional Jet Ownership allows owners to use the jet as any owner would without worrying about hidden costs such as hangar costs, fuel costs, and crew costs.

Pricing Structure of Fractional Jet Ownership

Similarly to the traditional model, Fractional Jet Ownership has an actual upfront cost associated with the purchase. However, how much does Fractional Jet Ownership cost? That answer is simple; it's up to the buyer. As this model focuses on the buyer's needs rather than the direct availability of a singular jet, the cost depends on the hours they choose to buy. The more you fly in a day, the more you save. For example, if a buyer wants to use a jet sparingly, 50 flight hours may cover the need. However, a more extensive package may be necessary if the jet is used for business or frequent travel. A fractional share allows a buyer to avoid having a sizable investment that can depreciate over time.

A Closer Look at the Actual Financial Benefits

Unlike traditional ownership, Jet Fractional Ownership is cost-saving and removes all the headaches by taking the regular operations costs and responsibilities off the owner's plate. Owners will have access to their jet without worrying about ensuring the aircraft is stored and maintained up to safety standards. Furthermore, an owner will never have to worry about looking for a flight crew in the case of an unexpected flight; flyExclusive has that under control.

Financial Flexibility with Fractional Jet Ownership

Fractional Jet Ownership allows clients to endure owner-like benefits. Along with owner-like control, and tax deduction benefits, financial flexibility is a significant benefit to owners. Unlike traditional purchasing, Fractional Jet Ownership allows partial ownership of a Citation CJ3+ jet. Eliminate monthly payments, additional positioning fees, and daily minimums with Fractional Jet Ownership. For private flyers that fly 50 or more hours per year, opt for partial ownership of a Citation CJ3+ jet. flyExclusive Fractional Jet Ownership provides the consistency and reliability of a large owned and operated fleet! flyExclusive is unique with our offering of no monthly management fees with Fractional Jet Ownership. Truly fly like an owner, and ensure a jet will always be there and ready to fly!

flyExclusive Reveals the Pricing Model of Fractional Jet Ownership

If you're looking into purchasing your private aircraft and are wondering how much Fractional Jet Ownership costs, flyExclusive has you covered. Our experts are here to make your dream of flying private a reality. Whether you need just 50 hours of flight time or are looking for something more, let our team help. At flyExclusive, our mission is to provide each Owner the freedom to fly when and where they want without the headaches of aircraft ownership. Contact our sales team today to learn more about our world-class Fractional Jet Ownership!

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