Through flyExclusive’s Aircraft Partnership and Aircraft Management programs, private aircraft owners can benefit from flyExclusive’s entrepreneurial excellence.

Aircraft Partnership Program

flyExclusive offers a unique ownership and leaseback program for aircraft buyers and existing owners to fully cashflow their aircraft without the variability of maintenance expenses, management of fixed costs and inconsistencies of revenue offsets provided by other available lease and management options.

Receive guaranteed fixed monthly income and gain access to a diverse fleet of top-tier light, midsize to super-midsize aircraft through the flyExclusive Aircraft Partnership Program. As a partner, you receive guaranteed access to the flyExclusive fleet without blackouts and a steady income stream.

The flyExclusive Aircraft Partnership Program is designed for aircraft owners who typically fly less than 100 hours per year. For aircraft buyers, pre-owned aircraft acquisitions currently qualify for bonus depreciation and other possible tax incentives. The Aircraft Partnership Program is limited to the following aircraft types: Citation CJ3, Encore/+, Excel/XLS, Sovereign, Citation X and Gulfstream IVSP.

Asset Partnership & Leaseback Inventory

Aircraft Management Solutions

Significantly offset aircraft ownership costs by taking advantage of flyExclusive's comprehensive aircraft management solutions.

flyExclusive's experience, focus on safety, volume purchases and charter demand provide the structure and resources to deliver comprehensive aircraft management solutions. Aircraft owners of select types who typically fly between 125 and 200 hours per year can participate in flyExclusive's savings and charter revenue programs which will significantly minimize individual ownership costs.

Current aircraft management programs are limited to the following aircraft types: Citation CJ3, Encore, Excel/XLS, Sovereign, Citation X, Challenger 300, Gulfstream IVSP/450, and Gulfstream V/550.

For more information about flyExclusive’s innovative leaseback and aircraft management programs, contact Brandon Greene at or 260-209-6929.