Aircraft Review: Cessna Citation Encore

Since the company’s introduction into the private jet market, Cessna has cemented itself as a member of the upper echelon.

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Since the company’s introduction into the private jet market, Cessna has cemented itself as a member of the upper echelon. From the creation of the world’s most built aircraft to the best-selling jet, it is impossible to deny the quality and reputability of Cessna. Their ability to produce outstanding aircraft with remarkable reliability has led to Cessna comprising almost 93% of our total Private Jet Club fleet. Out of our 81 total jets, 10 are the versatile Cessna Encore. To understand the true marvel that is the Cessna Encore, you must look at every aspect of the jet, including the interior, exterior, and amenities.


The Encore jet, while categorized as a light jet, doesn’t skimp on size. The 17.4-foot cabin length is the largest of our light jets, which allows for the Encore to employ full recliners for all passengers. While you might think full reclining seats for 6-8 passengers would take up substantial room within the aircraft, the Encore still has 71 cubic feet of space for luggage. Considering a large suitcase is generally around 4 cubic feet, the Encore jet allows for you and 6 passengers to bring two large suitcases with room to spare. Additionally, with 28 of those cubic feet being located in the interior of the jet, you will be able to store all of the personal items that you may need for your long or short-distance flight.


Perhaps more impressive than the spacious cabin is the exterior of the Encore jet. With its Pratt and Whitney Canada PW535A engines, the Encore can cruise at a speed of 490 miles per hour while consuming only 180 gallons per hour. The PW535A engines also produce 3,400 pounds of thrust which lend themselves to the incredibly short takeoff distance needed by the jet. Being able to take off from a sea-level runway in under 3,500 feet means that the Encore can fly into and out of small airports with ease. Combining this with its flight time of roughly 3.5 hours means the Cessna Encore provides our Private Jet Club Members with the ability to fly anywhere with the utmost comfort.


While physical comfort and performance are necessities, another key factor that sets the Encore apart is what else it can provide for you and your passengers. With Wi-Fi capabilities, the Cessna Encore ensures that you are not disconnected from the world during your travels. The Encore jet also provides you the ability to bring your whole family with you. The Encore’s pet-friendly status means that you no longer have to stress about finding a kennel or pet sitter and can instead enjoy the entirety of your journey.

Is The Encore Right For Me?

The Cessna Encore is a superb choice for virtually any traveler in our Private Jet Club. Its long range, spacious cabin, ample storage room, and additional amenities mean that it has near-universal applicability. However, if you feel that a jet with more cabin or storage space would better suit your long-distance travel needs, flyExclusive offers options in both the Midsized or Super-Mid range. Whether you choose the Encore or a larger jet like the Citation Excel, our objective is to make certain that your experience is comfortable and stress-free.

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