Private Jet Cards vs. Jet Club Memberships

flyExclusive’s membership fees are transparent and competitive, ensuring you receive the best value for your investment.

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When exploring private jet card options, it’s essential to narrow your selection to the best memberships that can accommodate your requests and provide you with the most value. Your time is valuable, and your safety is our top priority. We pride ourselves on providing our Members with the highest level of safety and security while offering unparalleled flexibility in our flight options. flyExclusive’s membership fees are transparent and competitive, ensuring you receive the best value for your investment. Read on for information regarding essential elements to consider when comparing private jet card airlines and private jet membership clubs.****

Jet Club and Jet Card Memberships: Things to Consider

Consider differences in experiences a private jet club membership offers when in-market for a private jet card. Traditional private jet card companies enable passengers with prepay flight options through a debit card-style program. There are limitations to private jet cards, as many traditional private jet card companies feature peak period surcharges, flight flexibility limitations due to aircraft fleet size, and cancellation fees.

flyExclusive’s Jet Club includes all of the advantages of a private jet card with additional premium amenities to Members, guaranteed access to a versatile fleet of Cessna Citation jets, competitive daily and hourly rates, assistance from our Member Service Team, and more. In the following sections, read more about each consideration comparing private jet card airlines with private jet membership clubs and how flyExclusive's innovative approach provides unmatched benefits for our Members.

Jet Card Safety

Safety is a top priority when selecting a private Jet Club membership. While private jets are among the safest aviation options in the sky, it's essential to consider how private jet companies ensure the safety of their passengers. Traditional private jet card companies may opt out of additional flight safety training and rely on standard safety auditing companies, which can lead to limitations in pilot training, aircraft maintenance, and aircraft navigation technology. By choosing a private Jet Club membership through flyExclusive, Members can fly confidently knowing their pilots undergo training with esteemed safety audit groups, leading-edge pilot training, and the best in aircraft management systems.

How safe is private jet travel?

Private jets are equipped with state-of-the-art safety features, including advanced avionics systems, enhanced weather radar, and superior navigation equipment, placing them among the safest aviation options in the sky. These features allow for greater accuracy and efficiency when flying, reducing the likelihood of accidents and incidents.

While other Part 135 private jet card companies follow guidelines implemented by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), there is a possibility that they are opting out of additional flight safety training by selecting standard safety auditing companies. With a private jet club membership from flyExclusive, Members can be confident knowing their safety is the pinnacle of our commitment to customer service. All pilots at flyExclusive undergo thorough training in state-of-the-art CAE Simuflite and FlightSafety International facilities. Additionally, flyExclusive exceeds all FAA standards and receives routine examinations from ARG/US and Wingman Operator aviation safety consulting groups.

Jet Card Amenities

With a flyExclusive private Jet Club Membership, Members enjoy abundant amenities such as dedicated customer service teams, unparalleled flight flexibility, and significant Member savings. Private jet card holders may have on-demand flight access but can miss out on next-level accommodations made accessible with a private Jet Club membership. In addition to the typical jet card, flyExclusive’s Jet Club offers additional benefits and perks that cater to Members' travel needs.

What are the benefits of a private jet card membership?

Typical private jet card memberships offer passengers the ability to guaranteed flight access, fixed hourly rates, and upfront additional fees; however, with flyExclusive’s award-winning Jet Club, Members gain instant access to bonus amenities and perks, including:

  • no monthly Membership fees and no daily minimums for Platinum Jet Club Members
  • purchase tiers to best suit the travel needs of each Member
  • highly competitive daily and hourly rates for all flights
  • dedicated Member Services Team to detail your trip from planning to arrival
  • detailed catering selection to exceed Member expectation
  • access to flyExclusive’s complete range of Light, MidSize, and Super-Midsize aircraft
  • complementary Wi-Fi onboard every flight

Members select the tier that best suits their travel needs and earns savings each time they fly. With all the typical benefits of a traditional private jet card, Jet Club Members gain access to a unique experience that allows Members to curate and customize their flight.

Can you fly a private jet anytime in the day?

While some private jet card programs feature peak and blackout days, private jet membership club options provide more on-demand flight access. In addition, business jet travel allows Members to access non-commercial airports that cater to flexible departure and arrival times to accommodate their travel needs.****

Jet Card Pricing

Transparency in billing is a crucial factor to consider when shopping for private jet club memberships. Many traditional private jet card companies impose peak period surcharges, flight flexibility limitations due to aircraft fleet size, and hidden cancellation fees. Additionally, blackout days can limit the number of flights you can take, and peak-day pricing can significantly increase the cost of your flights. Knowing the average pricing models of private jet cards and payments to expect can help narrow your choices or consider the exclusive advantages available to Jet Club Members.

What is the average cost of a jet card?

The average jet card program ranges from $25,000 for 25 hours to over $200,000 for 100 hours. Private jet card holders can expect fixed monthly rates as part of their fees and peak day premiums.With flyExclusive’s Jet Club, Members select the right tier for them, with a 12-month program and fixed hourly rate options between the Jet Club and the limited-time Platinum Jet Club. flyExclusive provides transparency in our billing, so Members never have to question additional charges.

Do you have to pay for your private jet every month?

Typically, private jet card programs come with a predetermined number of flight hours and require members to purchase these hours upfront. In comparison, private Jet Club membership amenities offer more ways to pay to cater to Members' preferences. At flyExclusive, Jet Club Members enjoy the option between 12-month programs and Jet Club Membership tier options starting at $75,000. Members pay when they fly, along with a monthly Membership fee.

How much does it cost per hour for a private jet card?

Private jet card hourly rates can vary from $4,000 per hour to around $20,000 per hour, depending on the size of the aircraft and accommodation abilities. flyExclusive offers unique private jet club membership pricing, combining an Aircraft Daily Rate and significantly lower hourly rates.****

Jet Card Flight Access

When selecting the right private jet card or club membership, consider the benefits and drawbacks of each option. Knowing the member-to-aircraft ratio, blackout days, fleet size, and on-demand status of Member assistance are all key elements to consider while analyzing flight access for private Jet Club memberships.

How much time does it take to book a private jet?

While typical private jet cards acknowledge booking requests within 12 hours, Members of flyExclusive’s Jet Club experience immediate access to the fleet of one of the five largest Citation operators in the nation. flyExclusive’s Member App enables swift trip requests, balance checks, and real-time updates on your flight day, ranging from the aircraft's status to pilot information and photos. By utilizing our exclusive Member App, you can save valuable time while booking faster than ever. The process is simple - just select your preferred date, time, and aircraft size, and your request will be sent to our team within seconds.

What is the best private jet charter solution for last-minute flights?

As the second largest owner of Cessna Citation jets globally, flyExclusive is the choice for last-minute private jet charter and booking solutions. flyExclusive excels the average 60:1 Member-to-aircraft ratio of typical private jet card programs with an impressive 7:1 Member to aircraft ratio. There is no better private Jet Club membership for frequent flyers today.****

Experience the Difference with flyExclusive’s Jet Club

flyExclusive’s Jet Club surpasses private jet card amenities, flexibility, and access, across the board. From enhanced flight personalization accommodations with the Member Services Team to the ability to choose the package that meets Members' needs, flyExclusive’s Jet Club is the ultimate choice for a premium flight experience. When selecting the best private jet club, consider flyExclusive for our commitment to providing the best experience, savings, and simplicity. Visit our website to uncover the pinnacle business jet experience of flyExclusive’s Jet Club.

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