The Importance of Flying with a Certified Part 135 Operator

flyExclusive is ranked as the fourth largest Part 135 Operation, meaning our Members and Guests are in the best hands each and every time you step onto your private flights.

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When you are booking your private flights, there is nothing quite as important as your safety throughout the duration of your travel. Ensuring you and your loved ones are traveling aboard a certified aircraft being flown by pilots with more than adequate flying experience is paramount. Luckily, there’s an easy way to gauge the safety of your private flights and the credibility of the company with which you choose to fly.

What is a Part 135 Aircraft Operator?

Being certified as a Part 135 Aircraft Operator means that your company is complying with rigorous and detailed safety measures and procedures that are designed to keep you safe. Part 135 Aircraft Operators are able to provide commercial aircraft operations, such as private flights, that are otherwise non-scheduled.

How does being a Part 135 Aircraft Operator make private flights safer?

Private flights are made safer by the added restrictions and regulations necessary to become a Part 135 Operator. For example, when you are a Part 135 Operation, you must have a complete chain of command in the company that is meant to oversee every aspect of the operation from top to bottom. This can mean having various types of managers, maintenance workers, and pilots to ensure that every aspect of your private flight is known, planned, and accounted for to the most minute of details.

Part 135 Operations also are required to have more strict training regiments for vital positions, such as captains and first officers. This training is a recurring event and the pilots must follow strict rules that are designed to make sure that all Part 135 pilots are doing everything in their control to get you to your destination safely time and time again. This is in addition to a mandate that requires the company to notify the FAA of any potential safety issues ahead of time. By proactively warning the FAA, all risks are monitored and addressed well before anyone is put in danger.

Why travel with flyExclusive?

flyExclusive is ranked as the fourth largest Part 135 Operation, meaning our Members and Guests are in the best hands each and every time you step onto your private flights. However, our dedication to your safety and security goes beyond just being Part 135 Operators. Many of our pilots also undergo CAE SimuFlite training to verify that they are prepared for any possible situation. Additionally, our crews must complete training and testing to equip them with the necessary knowledge and skills for any emergency situation. Coupled with our SMS program, ARG/US Platinum Rated Fleet, ISBAO Stage 1 Certification and Wingman Operator verification, travelers can rest assured knowing that flyExclusive soars above and beyond the industry safety standards.

Top Safety Rated Jet Charter | flyExclusive

Your safety is of utmost importance at all times, and this is no different in the world of private flights. You should never settle for less when it comes to protecting yourself and the ones you love. flyExclusive works tirelessly to keep every passenger that steps aboard our aircraft safe from takeoff to touchdown. To learn more about flyExclusive, our private Jet Club, or our safety certifications, visit our website today!

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