What is the Best Private Jet in flyExclusive’s Fleet?

flyExclusive’s fleet provides a variety of Cessna Citation aircraft that are suitable for all types of air travel, passenger count, and luggage weight.

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Ranked as the second largest Citation aircraft operator in the world, flyExclusive’s floating fleet provides Owners, Members, and guests with instant and unlimited access to Light, Midsize, and Super-Midsize aircraft. Whether traveling to neighboring states, coast to coast, or internationally, into small and private or large and international airports, across oceans or over mountains, travelers can rest assured that there is a state-of-the-art aircraft readily available to fly them to their destination safely and efficiently. With such an impressive fleet, comes the curiosity of wanting to know “what is the best private jet?” While this question doesn’t have a simple, singular response, flyExclusive’s fleet provides a variety of Cessna Citation aircraft that are suitable for all types of air travel, passenger count, and luggage weight.

What is the best private jet in flyExclusive’s fleet?

Depending on the type of travel Members, Owners, and guests are doing, the answer to this question varies. Many believe that aircraft that can fly farther and higher, offer larger cabins and more space, and have the best reputation. Yet, these aircraft aren’t always the best option for quick travel plans, smaller destinations, or singular travelers. The selection of aircraft that is flown should be chosen based on the destination, range, amount of passengers, amount of luggage, and preferences when flying. This factor then turns the question “what is the best private jet in the flyExclusive fleet” to be positioned as “what is the best private jet for quick travel, cross-continental travel, and international travel?”

What is the best private jet for quick travel?

When it comes to a short, domestic flight, with up to seven passengers, the Cessna Citation CJ3 and Citation Encore are the two best planes for prompt travel excursions. With exceptional reliability and performance without compromising productivity and comfort, the Citation CJ3 offers six or seven comfortable passenger seating configurations for those aboard. Short field performance with an impressive max operating ceiling of 45,000 ft. provides the CJ3 superior operating capabilities to others in the light jet category.

The Encore delivers an excellent light jet experience, flying longer distances, carrying a larger passenger count, and efficiently getting in and out of smaller destinations. Maximize quick business trips or weekend getaways with the Citation Encore. The Encore can fly up to seven passengers nonstop between cities like Dallas to Teterboro, efficiently and comfortably.

Cessna Citation Encore aircraft, part of flyExclusive's fleet

What is the best private jet for cross-country travel?

While many private aircraft within the industry are acceptable choices when it comes to traveling coast to coast, the best private jets offered in flyExclusive’s fleet for cross-country travel is the Citation X. As one of the fastest cross-continental private jets in the industry, the Citation X is the most versatile aircraft in the flyExclusive fleet with an impressive combination of range, amenities, and speed. The Citation X is remarkable with its coast-to-coast capability, as well as boasting one of the most spacious cabins ever crafted for a Cessna Citation aircraft. Offering space to fly up to eight passengers nonstop, the Citation X can carry travelers from chowder to wine country quickly and with ease. From Maine to Los Angeles, and Seattle to Miami, the aircraft best equipped for long-distance travel is the Citation X.

What is the best private jet for international travel?

When pondering what private jet can fly internationally, flyExclusive’s impressive fleet of Cessna Citation and Gulfstream aircraft provides private travelers with superb options. For shorter international travel to the Bahamas and Caribbean, Canada, or Mexico, the majority of our fleet is readily available for passenger parties of up to eight. For long-range service to the Americas, Europe, Asia, and beyond, a Gulfstream GIV is the aircraft for you. With 180° panoramic windows, luxurious seating for up to 16 with adjustable bedding for up to six, a large galley, and a full-sized lavatory, the Gulfstream GIV - SP is an advanced aircraft perfect for any international traveling.

Make each international trip personal and special. Rest assured as our services teams will assist you with every detail from catering and trip planning, to paperwork and clearances in far-reaching destinations. As a personalized touch, each flight aboard our Gulfstream fleet receives full-cabin service for the duration of your trip. With years of experience flying to a variety of international destinations, allow flyExclusive to serve as your partner so that you can make the most of your trip, whether for business or pleasure.

Fly privately across the globe with flyExclusive.

Limitless Travel Options with flyExclusive’s Growing Fleet

As one of the nation's five largest Citation operators, flyExclusive has a growing versatile fleet of 90+ wifi-enabled Light, Mid, Super-Mid, and Heavy jets cultivated for the ease and enjoyment of our Members, Owners, and guests aboard. The Cessna family of aircraft is renowned for its efficiency, reliability, safety, and passenger appeal. Now is the time to consider the type of private jet you want to take and where you want to go. With the world at your fingertips, deciding where to make your next destination can be challenging, but with flyExclusive, rewarding.

Private Flights to Florida

From space exploration at NASA, and magical experiences at Orlando theme parks, to the country's finest sands and bluest waters, Florida is home to countless otherworldly experiences, making the Sunshine State one of America’s favorite vacation destinations. Offering numerous attractions for people of all ages and styles, Florida is a premier destination for private travelers to experience a tropical getaway, while staying within the U.S. borders. Visit for business and build international connections, or choose to travel for pleasure and escape the world.

Travelers have the option of flying into any of the 131 public airports, 365 private airports, and 24 international airports situated throughout the state, making private flights to Florida stress-free and seamless. Through flyExclusive Fractional Jet Ownership, Jet Club Membership, and private jet charter services, Owners, Members, and guests are able to secure any of our Citation aircraft for a private jet to Florida to experience sunshine and bliss all year round.

Private Flights to New York

Whether you are heading to a broadway show, the Statue of Liberty, Rockefeller Center, Fifth Avenue, an essential business meeting, or simply returning home, flyExclusive has you covered! If the Big Apple is where you have planted your roots, fly outside of the busy city with a private jet NYC to Miami. Enjoy private flights to New York on one of our WiFi-enabled jets and start your trip to or from the city that never sleeps, the moment you are greeted by our wonderful crew.

Private Flights to Vegas

Are you looking for private flights to Vegas? As one of the most visited tourist destinations in the nation, Las Vegas, Nevada saw over 32 million travelers in 2021. With limitless options of things to do, see, eat, and experience in “Sin City,” many are confirming Las Vegas as their next travel destination. Rather than spend the beginning of your get-away dealing with bustling crowds and hectic public airports, flying privately with flyExclusive allows travelers to book a private jet to Vegas without the common stresses of commercial air travel. Climb aboard any of flyExclusive’s light private jets and touch down in any of the four airports surrounding Las Vegas.

Private Jet to Jamaica

With miles of award-winning beaches, year-round sunshine, and one of the most recognizable and emulated cultures and styles of any country, there is no wonder Jamaica is one of the top three most visited countries in the Caribbean. Whether it is the mouthwatering aromas of jerk chicken being barbecued, or the sound of reggae rhythms dancing across visitors’ ears, Jamaica never fails to excite, enthrall and astonish travelers. Fractional Aircraft Owners, Jet Club Members, and charter guests are welcome to book any of flyExclusive’s best private jets for their international excursion to the Caribbean.

Private Jet to Europe

As private travel continues to top other forms of transportation in cleanliness, minimal touch points, and customizability, the number of people booking a private jet to Europe is escalating. A continent rich in culture, history, and modern innovation, Europe offers something for every one of its millions of annual visitors. With each European country instilling its own regulations, taxes, and inventory concerns, traveling to Europe for foreign travelers can be unfamiliar. Rely on flyExclusive’s impeccable aircrew. With an average of over 8,000 hours, our crews exceed FAA, EASA, ANAC, and APAC standards, and provide unmatched service in the air and on the ground. Whether you are flying to London, Rome, or Istanbul, flyExclusive is your most trusted source for a private jet to Europe aboard our Gulfstream GIV.

What Is The Best Private Jet? | flyExclusive

As each travel situation is unique, flyExclusive understands that our Owners, Members, and guests deserve private jet experiences that surpass expectations for quality, convenience, and safety. With there being no one true answer to the question, “what is the best private jet,” the team of aviation professionals at flyExclusive are prepared to assist private travelers with every excursion to assure the aircraft is optimal for each unique experience. From our world-class Jet Club Membership to our limitless Fractional Aircraft Ownership experience, to our unmatched private jet charters, clients who fly with us receive a curated private jet experience that anticipates their needs for comfort and style. Our leadership team uses decades of flying experience, industry knowledge in private jet experiences, and expertise in fleet logistics and management to deliver a premium experience every time out of the gate. With services provided across North America, the Caribbean, Central America, South America, Europe, Asia, and beyond, our floating fleet of more than 90+ aircraft is ready to take you wherever you dream of flying.

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