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As the demand for private travel continues to grow, flyExclusive has remained at the forefront of the industry by becoming the first fully vertically integrated private aviation company.

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As the demand for private travel continues to grow, flyExclusive has remained at the forefront of the industry by becoming the first fully vertically integrated private aviation company. Through various offerings such as state-of-the-art aviation MRO facilities, an award-winning Jet Club membership, and the successful launch of a Fractional Jet Ownership program, flyExclusive continues to exceed customer satisfaction by introducing a limited-time, Fractional flight credit for new Owners. For those who are well versed in the luxury private aviation space, the thought of earning flight credits is appealing, yet for those who are a novice to the industry might be questioning how does fractional jet ownership work and why would flyExclusive choose to issue such offerings.

What is a Fractional Jet Ownership?

Fractional Jet Ownership allows individuals to own a share of a private jet, which grants them access to the aircraft for a set number of hours per year. Unlike traditional, full private jet ownership, Fractional Ownership allows multiple Owners to share the cost of the aircraft. This makes it a more affordable option for those who still desire the luxury and convenience of a private jet without the high costs and hassle.

How Does Fractional Jet Ownership Work with flyExclusive?

Many ponder how does fractional jet ownership work, yet the answer is rarely in black and white. However, the flyExclusive Fractional Jet Ownership program is designed to be flexible and customizable with ownership shares available in different sizes to meet the needs and budget of each customer. flyExclusive’s innovative Fractional program provides Owners with maximum utility and savings without the burdensome restrictions of traditional fractional offerings.

Competitive Acquisition Cost

While purchasing a Fractional Share of any plane will cut the cost of jet ownership dramatically, the pricing of offerings is still something to keep in mind while shopping for Ownership shares. A Fractional Jet Ownership with flyExclusive offers one of the lowest-entry points in the market for those interested in high-performance light jets. Starting at 50 hours, Fractional Owners can purchase a share in a Cessna Citation CJ3+. If your travel needs require more hours, shares of 75 and 100+ hours are also available.

No Monthly Management Fee

With flyExclusive's Fractional Ownership Program, share Owners only pay for their time aboard the aircraft, avoiding unnecessary fees and embedded premiums. Unlike other fractional programs that require monthly management fees, flyExclusive's program only charges for the time the aircraft is used. This pricing structure ensures you are only paying for the time you need, and not being charged for unused time.

Fractional Ownership also offers additional perks, such as access to flyExclusive's full-service team of aviation experts, who handle all aspects of aircraft management and maintenance, including scheduling, aviation MRO, and pilot staffing. This frees up time for you to focus on business or leisure activities, while still enjoying the convenience and luxury of on-demand, private jet travel.

Unique Daily and Hourly Rates

Similar to its award-winning Jet Club, flyExclusive's Fractional Ownership program provides a flexible and cost-effective option for those who prefer private jet travel. With preferred access, 365 days per year, competitive hourly rates, and no blackout days, this program is beneficial for both short- and longer-stage itineraries. Whether you need a quick day trip or a longer multi-day journey, flyExclusive's Fractional Ownership program provides the access and pricing that fits your travel needs. Additionally, the more the aircraft is used in a day, the lower the rates. This is particularly beneficial for busy executives and entrepreneurs who need to be in multiple locations within a short timeframe.

No Fuel Surcharges

The aviation industry has always considered fuel prices as a crucial factor to consider, and private aviation is no exception. The rising cost of fuel can impact several aspects of private aviation, such as private jet membership fees and the overall cost of private flights. As the industry experiences higher-than-average fuel rates, travelers who opt for providers that cap price increases are less affected, resulting in a more consistent travel cost.

flyExclusive's Fractional Ownership program offers transparent pricing without fuel surcharges. With the unique hourly rate structure, Fractional Owners can avoid the hidden fees and surcharges that are common in other private jet programs. This transparent pricing ensures that you know exactly what you are paying for, and can avoid any surprises or unexpected costs.

Access to the Entire Fleet

By purchasing a share of a Citation CJ3+ jet through flyExclusive’s private plane Fractional Ownership, Shareholders are then granted access to the entire fleet of 90+ luxury Cessna Citation aircraft, without complicated interchange programs. As a Fractional Owner, you have the flexibility to choose from the entire fleet of light, mid, and super-mid aircraft, ensuring that you have access to the right state-of-the-art jet that best suits your travel needs. This access provides you with the freedom to select the aircraft that fits your specific travel requirements, without the hassle of complicated interchange programs.

Investing in fractional ownership of a vast private jet fleet is a wise choice for individuals and businesses looking for the ultimate experience in private air travel. Compared to the limitations and regulatory requirements of traditional ownership, fractional ownership in a large fleet offers an attractive alternative that benefits owners. As an industry leader, flyExclusive offers Citation CJ3+ hour share plans to Fractional Owners who highly value flexibility, exceptional comfort, and simplicity of private travel.

Benefits of Owning a Fraction of a Citation CJ3+

flyExclusive's Citation CJ3+ is a high-performance aircraft that is an ideal choice for those considering Fractional Jet Ownership. With a maximum range of 2,040 nautical miles, it can cover most domestic routes with ease, while its maximum cruising speed of 478 knots ensures a fast and smooth ride. The CJ3+ also features advanced avionics and safety systems, including Garmin G3000 avionics and full-color weather radar, making it one of the most sophisticated aircraft in its class.

With its impressive speed, range, and safety features, there is no question why the CJ3+ is widely known as one of the most popular light jets in the market. Perfect for executives, entrepreneurs, and other high-net-worth individuals who demand the best in private air travel, by becoming a Fractional Owner through flyExclusive, you can enjoy all the perks of private jet travel at a fraction of the cost and hassle of owning a full aircraft, making it an attractive option for anyone looking to elevate their travel experience.

flyExclusive’s Fractional Flight Credit Offerings

With the arrival of the first group of new CJ3+ aircraft, flyExclusive is offering flight charge credits up to $100,000 for new Fractional Share Owners, on a limited basis.

“We are excited to receive the newest additions to the flyExclusive fleet in a few months,” said Tommy Sowers, President, flyExclusive. “We wanted to celebrate that occasion with a special thank you to our new fractional owners with this commemorative flight charge credit. Our customer success has been and will continue to be founded on building lasting relationships.”

This offering allows for additional savings, travel opportunities, and supplemental deliverables for those who have been contemplating purchasing a Fractional share of a private jet, but haven’t quite taken the leap. With the popular question, “how much is fractional jet ownership” circling the industry, this exciting offering reduces the overall cost generously.

Fractional Private Jet Ownership | flyExclusive

Owning a private jet is undeniably luxurious and offers exclusive benefits that commercial travel cannot match. However, hidden costs and logistical challenges can make it a headache for owners, which is where flyExclusive's Fractional Jet Ownership program comes in. By eliminating those complications and offering a hassle-free alternative that provides Owners with access to luxury, safety, and convenience associated with full ownership, flyExclusive Fractional is simply continuing to deliver the ultimate private jet experience. To discover more about the advantages of Fractional Ownership, visit our Fractional Jet Ownership page or contact our sales team.

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